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“According to Dr. Rivière, the central problem was that noxious gases emanate from a piling up of the female’s unspent “seed.” Like fuliginous tentacles with the worst of intentions, these fumes would then creep up from her midsection and into her nervous system, where they’d interfere with her ability to think clearly. 24 more words

Quotable: I'm at that point…

Growing up I spent too much time trying to fit in and worrying about whether people liked me. In recent years (perhaps it was when I hit 30), I realized I’m done with that. 31 more words


“During the seventh century, the Prophet Muhammad united the nomadic Arabs of the Arabian peninsula. In a single century the Arabs conquered an empire from India to North Africa and Spain. 71 more words

“I don’t think any day is worth living without thinking about what you’re going to eat next at all times”

- Nora Ephron

The beautiful soul who gave us You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally has now given me my new diet plan

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Quotable: Just Do Your Thing

Great words to remember in this quote. A much-needed reminder for me this week.


Quotable: The War Of The Worlds, "No One Would Have Believed..."


Perhaps the most famous first sentence of any science fiction work ever written.

_ _ _

* * * * * 205 more words

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