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To fall out of love is to admit that something nolonger serves you or them, or both of you. To fall out of love is to compartmentalize them, to move them from your heart to your head, to tell them to stay there in your thoughts as you try to reconcile your emotions.

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Mystery Post plus a prompt equals F is for Fear

I’m taking a break from Writing 201 and combining two daily prompts for my challenge.  The first prompt was to write about fear.  Rules for the mystery post are at the end. 690 more words

Spoonful Of Wisdom

Hide and Seek

“You can’t win a game if you’re so unimportant that no one notices that you’re playing”

William Horward, The Boy With No Shoes, pg67


Derrick Niederman Quote.

“Since Joseph Heller’s breakthrough novel of 1961, Catch-22 may be the most recognizable use of the number 22 in modern culture. The expression catch-22 is nonetheless disappointing for the utter lack of 22-ness to it. 108 more words


Weekly Quotation: Julia Child

“People who love to eat are always the best people.”
- Julia Child

Poet for this Week, July 29th, Allen Braden

Your Life As Found In A Toolbox

Everything necessary to maintain
every foundation ever built so far
is found simply by fondling the latch,
easy as recalling a less-than-fond past, 343 more words


Until the Definitive Edition

“Homem é…uma errata pensante, isso sim. Cada estação da vida é uma edição, que corrige a anterior, e que será corrigida também, até a edição definitiva, que o editor da de graça aos vermes.” 47 more words