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Wise Words: Annie Dillard

I learn that ten percent of all the world’s species are parasitic insects. It is hard to believe. What if you were an inventor, and you made ten percent of your inventions in such a way that they could only work by harnessing, disfiguring, or totally destroying the other ninety percent?


That Problem Pile

Just another perspective on that thing you’re worrying about today …


The Catherine Booth 4-Part Challenge

The Catherine Booth 4-Part Challenge (From her book Papers Practical on Practical Religion.)

1)  Break out of the standardized church pattern imposed by tradition and routine. 158 more words


Words of Wisdom

“Passion does not create commitment. Commitment creates passion”.
Roy Williams


Boundaries: Where the Pavement Ends

I have a love/hate relationship with boundaries. On the plus side, they protect my family and me and all that I care about. Years ago a friend said, “Your right to swing your arm stops where my nose starts.” I like that. 294 more words


Wise Words: Emile Zola

One forges one’s style on the terrible anvil of daily deadlines.