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It is among the hardest things there is, to be truly naked—to bear not only your light, but display your darkness; revealing not only contours of skin and bone, but the contours of the heart and mind.


Play is the highest form of research.

- Albert Einstein


Write Drunk, Edit Sober

“Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those
who do not write, compose, or paint can manage to escape the madness, 41 more words

Reading & Writing

quote du jour ~remen

How tempting to let the enemy go and flee. To put the struggle behind you as quickly as possible and get on with your life. Life might be easier then but far less genuine. 39 more words


Jangan Sok Merasa Benar

Di antara orang‑orang yang disebut kafir oleh orang‑orang Yahudi, ada orang yang mempunyai pengertian yang lebih baik tentang nubuatan‑nubuatan Alkitab mengenai Mesias daripada guru‑guru di Israel. 6 more words


Controversial citations, paraphrasings, and summeries. Oh boy.

Original quote and citation

“We have to be careful about buying the rhetoric of people who blame the game Doom for Columbine and ignore the fact that those guys where building pipe bombs in their garage and their parents never noticed.’ There will always be kids who do not get society’s message from their parents or elsewhere” (Mills). 264 more words

Some Dude Amateur

The Saint was no fool.  He knew that the Criminal Investigation Department, except in the kind of detective story in which some dude amateur with a violin and a taste for exotic philosophies made rings round their hardened highnesses, was not composed entirely of nit-wits. 9 more words