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“You once asked me why I never wanted to share my thoughts or memories with you. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t do it because I can’t stand sharing such painful things that will wipe that smile off your face.”

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Point Blank Quote

“You’ve already said you were going to kill me,” Alex said, “but I didn’t think that meant you were going to bore me to death.” – from Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz… 9 more words


Never Settle

Never shortchange yourself.

Never let yourself think that this is all you can do, that this is all you are capable of.

Never feel that you need another person’s validation to be something. 43 more words


magpie bridge: CANDY BRIGHT: The poet speaks #poetry #interview

 There will be times when we meet and one or other reads one of their poems and I am transported to that place, that feeling .  

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Quite a Quote

While I yelled, Stash hacked at some of the loose ice on the freezer. When he had filled a bowl, he carried it over to the sink. 125 more words

New Yorker

dirty azzole

Says Dave «People in America have all these racks of dry-cleaned clothes like you say on their trips, they spatter Eau de Cologne all over themselves, they wear Ban and Aid or whatever it is under their armpits, they get aghast to see a spot on a shirt or a dress, they probably change underwear and socks maybe even twice a day, they go around all puffed up and insolent thinking themselves the cleanest people on earth and they’re walkin’ around with… 351 more words



Dibalik keberhasilan suatu perjalanan  ada   sesuatu  yang  mempengaruhi   yaitu  ” kebaikan” yang  telah   diberikan   oleh   orang  terdekat  .   Hal  ini  tidak  bisa diingkari  karena sangat  berpengaruh  terhadap  perjalanan  yang akan  ditempuh….  dan   buahnya  nyata !