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Star’s Corner: Minimize Stress… Say Yes to Saying No!

Star’s Corner: Minimize Stress… Say Yes to Saying No!

Juggling life and a demanding career can be stressful, but learning how to say NO is imperative to making it all work.

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Quotes To Live By

Love Is The Answer...

       When others approach you with hate do not fight back with anger,

instead let love be your weapon


Be The Person...

You create your reality, be the person you always dreamed you could be…


Tooth Of The Day



Are you stressed out and busy?
It’s time to take a break from your busy schedule.
Let’s all slow down and relax.
Have some fun and leave your work behind.
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Daily inspiration quote

Feel the positive seep within you, let it swirl around like a warm drink, drenching you in a glow of happiness…..

Daily Inspiration

Stop Comparing...

Stop comparing your life to that of others

for you have no idea what their lives

are really like behind closed doors


What We Look For...

If you’re always looking for the bad in life that’s all you’ll ever see,

change your perception and change your life