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Dream elements: 11.28.14

I had 2 excellent, complicated dreams yesterday, but I don’t have time to deal with them as they deserve today, and I don’t know when I… 783 more words


watery endings

I think I messed up with someone I admire, that I wanted to be a new friend, by trying too hard. Maybe I came across as creepy or weird-in-a-bad-way. 299 more words


a Wednesday’s child kind of day

{Writing this Thursday night, but it’ll post Friday morning.}

One of Spouse’s car’s tires was leaking air, so he made an appointment at the dealership to have it fixed. 1,710 more words


a day in the life

On my way to see P, I returned 5 books (that I mostly hadn’t read) and picked up my 2 hold requests books from the library. 1,463 more words


seasons change, people change

I’ve written before about our move to Maryland from Indiana in 2008. It was pretty dreadful, and it took me weeks, if not months, to recover. 842 more words



There should be a word for “beyond exhausted, omg” because that’s where I am right now.

Anxious/slept fitfully/never deeply asleep Monday night.

Tuesday: 10 hour day of Stuff. 348 more words


mangy void*

A month ago today, nothing was in the works. Tomorrow, things will be different for the first time in >6 years. I feel good about it. 859 more words