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RStudio: Ctrl+... shortcuts

In the above presented picture you can find the most useful keyboard shortcuts that begin with Ctrl+…

Any useful tricks I missed?


RStudio presents Essential Tools for Data Science with R

The RStudio team recently rolled out new capabilities in RStudio, shiny, ggvis, dplyr, knitr, R Markdown, and packrat. The “Essential Tools for Data Science with R” …

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Becoming a Data Scientist : A RoadMap

A good road map reference except for missing Perl language. Some tools in the article can be replaced by Perl, if you know it well. 7 more words

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An infographic comparing R, SAS and SPSS

The R online training site DataCamp has created an infographic comparing R, SAS and SPSS. Provocatively titled “Statistical Language Wars”, the infographic compares the history, purpose, ease of learning, popularity and marketability of skills in each of the three systems.

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