What Is 'Holding Down The Black Man'

Jakee308′s analysis of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s argument in one of his recent columns, over in a post by Stacy McCain, I think, explains why a majority of Blacks in America find themselves in the bad situation they are in: 237 more words

Stacy McCain

Lady Michbeth's Royal Progress 2014 [UPDATED]

Or: What Have You Spawned, Mrs. Robinson?

From The Washington Times, Cheryl Chumley reporting, we learn:

First lady Michelle Obama, her two daughters, Malia and Sasha, and her mother touched down Thursday in China for what’s being touted as a weeklong feel-good tourist event, amid increasing murmurs back home about U.S.

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Fools & Idiots

Happy 'President's Day'! [UPDATED]

Michael Ramirez captures the spirit of this stupid holiday in these absurd times :

And now, our new National Anthem:

If buttercups buzz’d after the bee… 203 more words

Barack Hussein Obama