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Debating Israel At Columbia

Went to see a lively debate at Columbia University on Israel featuring Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Wall Street Journal columnist, Bret Stephens, Hussein Ibish, Senior Fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, along with author and political commentator, Peter Beinart. 201 more words

Rabbi Shmuley: A Jewish Group Honors Sean Penn

On 18 May at Cipriani, Sean Penn will be honored by my organization, This World: The Values Network, for his work in saving the life of Jacob Ostreicher, a Hassidic Jew who was unjustly accused and rotting in a Bolivian jail for three years. 900 more words

Rabbi Shmuley: Is Arizona Pious or Homophobic?

Is everyone in Arizona on weed? Or are their brains just overheated from baking in the sun?

They’re not seriously considering passing a law that would give business owners the right to discriminate against gay people based on their ‘deeply held’ religious convictions, are they? 1,006 more words