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They shall not pass

There were 4,500 people at the SayNoToAnti-Semitism rally outside the Royal Courts of Justice in Lond. A clear message rang out of Zero tolerance to anti-Semitism alongside Islamophobia, racism and extremism. 248 more words


Praise God the Teacher (Prayer)

We call you Teacher and Rabbi

  for you suggest wisdom in our paths

  and show us life lessons in our mistakes;

You invite us to the table, hungry for answers, 67 more words


As The Shul Turns - Chapter 64

On Friday I watched Old Dawg and Actress arrive together. I didn’t see Buddah. There has been some ‘war’ between them. Not surprising, of course. 676 more words

#BlogElul 3: Bless

Blessings are funny things. They come trippingly off the tongue when someone sneezes.  Earlier this week, I mortified my daughter when a woman walking into Target in front of us sneezed, and I called out “Bless You” in my usual bell-like tone. 459 more words


A Prayer of Discovering: from the still of night

I have discovered You, and I am discovering You. In the watchful hours of night, I watch my little one and You watch me. In the bright light hours of day, we play, all of us, and work and toil, back into the waxing moon’s shadow. 290 more words