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Hook Man!

In the first chapter of my book I share the well-known ghost story “The Hook Man.”  Campfire ghost stories are part of growing up, right?   140 more words


Why Rabbit Ears?

L.A. Emrich shares about his latest book, what it’s about and why he wrote it.

Beyond The Rabbit Ears Interview

JavaScript required to play… 112 more words


This be my jam, Yo!

Every time I hear this beat I say: “THIS BE MY JAM, YO!”  Ha!  I love Mars Ill, a DJ hip-hop duo out of Atlanta & Indianapolis.   19 more words



My aunt gave me a cute hoodie!! LOOK IT’S GOT EARS!! and it’s REALLY WARMM <33 Thank you aunty<33 TT^TT

Inside Rabbit Ears!

Introducing BEYOND THE RABBIT EARS by L.A. Emrich…

The title of the book gives my age away. I grew up in the time when black-n-white TV sets were being rapidly replaced by new technicolor sets. 288 more words


Beer club

My surprise card from my daughter tonight…

Then I open a bag of carrots…

Are those lucky rabbit ears or a peace sign?

And last but certainly not least… I run with my husband this evening. 58 more words