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Shonen Black // Triple 7

I like the way this one opens up on “Disjoint” with that muted snare just crashing away in the background. Some ambient workings going on here that are getting me in the mood for another experimental weekend where I am going to take the chemicals in my brain to unheard of levels.


pop art digi

Basquiat vs. Hurst
digital painting composition
c. 2013
rabbit hole

hälts artshop

Rabbit Hole & Bub's Dive Bar: 24 Hours in the Day

Please try to not FREAK OUT right now.  In case, you know, you were wondering whether WE knew that it was football season…yeah.  We know.  We’ve been doing all KINDS of football things. 526 more words



The cup is warm. Carelessly I tip over the contents into my mouth, and my eyes water, stinging, as I feel steam rising from my scalp. 271 more words


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Down the Rabbit Hole…The book was published in 1865.

Alice was getting tired when a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her. The rabbit took out a watch out of its waistcoast and looked at it. 1,862 more words

Children's Fiction

M said "I can see the life drain from your face"

I read this article on a blog titled “Great Betrayals

I needed to talk with M immediately afterwards.

I wanted him to understand.. I thought this article does so much justice it’s what I’ve been trying to scream and shout!! 690 more words