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RiotHorse - Rabbit Hole

Simplicity, is often the key.  This has a catchy repeated guitar phrase acting as foundation to a multi-storied vocal tower.  Ok, crap metaphor, but you get what I mean, right?   19 more words

I Listened To This Today

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

Falling down the rabbit hole,
Revealing pieces of my bruised soul.
Judge me if you may,
I’m fumbling for the right words to say.
Thrown in the deep end, 20 more words

no more i love you

deep down
deep inside, where you used to be
a dead wind sleeps,
red coffin breathes

no more i love you
the chairs are empty… 80 more words

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Isn’t it funny how these things can go? Yesterday, just a normal course of a work day, I attempted to add an extension to Chrome and have it displayed in the navigation bar of the opened browser window. 226 more words


RHODES is a solo artist hailing from Hitchin, UK. The genre of music he plays is described as ‘folk’, however I’d hardly agree that it is conventional in any way shape or form. 145 more words



run away


run to

even quicker

run by my side

go for a run we had a good run

run run run

run with it… 8 more words


It was a beautifully secluded spot. The stone-faced cottage was hidden among trees clinging to a hillside above a valley along the course of which a stream flowed. 1,765 more words

Rabbit Hole