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Adventures in Wonderland

The first thing I notice when I’m making this post is that WordPress automatically put a 2 in the URL, meaning I have another post with the same exact name as this one. 889 more words


love & marriage?? do you have to do the horse & carriage???

so a lot of my people have been getting married, actually 3 people who I consider my proper people… actually i guess you could say 5, cause 2 of the couples both the bride & groom I consider my people. 1,200 more words

Amazing You

After all these years, I am almost ashamed that I crammed so many of the wonderful essences that make you, you, into a dark corner of my mind and literally tried to forget them. 417 more words


The Party: Red Light~Blue Light

We attended a party this past weekend. A raucous affair for a residential neighborhood. Live music, a diverse crowd of mostly counter-culture persuasion. Nary a soul san ink. 72 more words


Obama cries "wolf" for fundraising ...

Oh how amazingly foolish he has become :) the man child in chief has fallen, has fallen down a rabbit hole into a Wonderland of his own making … wow… 72 more words

Eight Days Ago

As I was with Mr Yummy last week, shit was unfolding at home and with my sister.

SOMEONE, we both know who, found a way in her iPhone, put a key logger on her computer, has accessed her checking account, charged on her credit, and sent out a video, texts, and emails from her accounts online. 412 more words


Rabbit Hole Theology

In a recent blog post on patheos, Dr. Paul Louis Metzger draws a parallel between the cost of discipleship and the imagery of Alice falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. 872 more words