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Midnight Ramblings

Midnight ramblings evoke thoughts of you,
Your love is but pure and true.
An eternity of bliss,
Oh how I miss,
Your sweet intoxicating scent… 49 more words

The red sofa

It’s a red velvet sofa with cushioned arms, artfully curved around cherry wood scrolling. It’s placed in full view of the French windows, looking out across a little valley of land. 1,535 more words

Rabbit Hole


Judgement this word has power, and when used carelessly can cause a great deal of harm sometimes the effects far-reaching.

I’m not a saint and I have judged, many times without even knowing the full facts of a situation, I’ve come to recognise it’s so much easier to form an opinion and then bring down the hammer, than to express compassion. 381 more words


Have You Ever Watched the Color of the Night Sky As It Fades from Blue to Black?

Mesmerized by the contradiction that she represents,
I turn to face her and raise my lowered head.
With all the courage that I can muster, 456 more words



Something had come up at the last moment; unavoidably he couldn’t make it. The afternoon stretched before her like bare earth in winter – no colour to be seen, only unvarying furrows left by the previous season’s plough, the soil all crusted over and bleached by frosts.  1,765 more words

Rabbit Hole

Deja-Vulgar // Deja Vulgar EP

This one has me in a rock and hard place at 2:22. I am liking this for its smorgasbord of ambient, electro, sampling, street wise approach to the art form we all know as sound-scaping. 20 more words



The little girl

Just could not sleep

Because her thoughts

Were far too deep

Her mind had gone

Out for a stroll

And fallen down

The rabbit hole.