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Lunch at Il-Barri - bunnies, birdies and bigilla

Last week, I made friends with a lovely couple – Daniela & Matthew. They’re both well-traveled, great conversationalists and certified scuba divers! Naturally, we had much to talk about and I learnt lots from them about life in Malta. 168 more words

A Beautiful Spring Day

So after an extremely long winter, it seems the weather is finally starting to break.  This weekend I’ve seen more sunshine than I have in a very long time.  381 more words


Italian Style braised Rabbit Stew!

Making a rabbit was a bit of a challenge for me, first time that I made like stew. Fortunately I found the fresh Rabbit meat from Jones Rabbit Farm, Santa Rosa, CA at Lake Shore Saturday Farms Market. 95 more words

Birthday Bucketlist: Try a new Food


Okay, is it fair to put a quiche in here as “try a new food”? I mean, I have tried everything used in the quiche I’ve tried lately, just never together and never as a quiche. 655 more words


Rabbit With Mushrooms and Cider

I can’t seem to stop cooking stews, it must be the weather. There’s something about this one that reminds me of my Great Auntie Gertie, a woman almost as far round as she was tall, who my mother claimed held the unofficial rabbit speed-skinning record for north Lincolnshire. 565 more words


Rabbit Stew

It’s another merciless day in culinary school as we are butchering whole rabbits for our Rabbit Stew! Of all new proteins that I’ve learned to cook this term, rabbit is one that completely escaped my mind as a possibility. 487 more words

Intermediate Cuisine

Southern Italian Rabbit Stew

As the winter comes to a close so does rabbit season. The last day of the hunt found me braving a late winter snow storm to bag two nice, plump cottontail rabbits. 106 more words