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Another Diet Post...

For some reason I was discussing children with my receptionist – she has 2, I have none. I discovered that she followed a similar practice to my mom. 371 more words


Guest Post - The Houston SPCA Foster Program: Making Transformations Happen Every Day!

This week we welcome our Foster Care Coordinator, Lauren, to the Humane Education Blog to talk about how important our foster care program is at the Houston SPCA. 508 more words

Houston SPCA

How/What to feed your rabbit

hi my lovelies

no i haven’t gone off makeup lol but someone i was talking to a few weeks ago was talking about rabbits and how people buy them to keep up with the jones as the saying go and really don’t no how to look after them and then they rehome them to there nearest rabbit home where there is already loads looking for new homes so for the next few blog posts I’m going to make them about rabbits as i would love to help people who truly love there rabbit and want the best for them I’m not saying what i say is the best but its how i treat my rabbit and he’s doing great . 600 more words

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Grilling Variety - What Else Is for Dinner Tonight

Without question beef, pork and chicken are most popular when it comes to grilling. However there’s another level of grilling that awaits with your grill! It’s more challenging, but the rewards are delicious. 342 more words

Eating Healthy

VW Scirocco Interior Restoration: Part 4

First, a¬†little background. As you may know at this point, this “interior” projected started as my desire to put a cheap stereo into the car. 257 more words

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White N' Fluffy Friend


Hudson likes to run in circles under the legs of the coffee table, making figure eights. It’s adorable. She got up to a pretty good clip last night, until she stops to nibble on something. 99 more words


Tofu Tuesday: The Nostrils

The bunny mid-chew shows off his nostrils. That is all.