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Rabbits & henna

I volunteered to do simple henna design for my friend for her wedding in March (just because I like to do it) so I bought a couple of cones from Carousell to try the paste out. 50 more words



I know weight is a sensitive issue, but I feel that we have to make a distinction between those who are too heavy and those who aren’t. 24 more words


Twaddle and Bleat

My husband and I recently opened an Etsy shop selling handmade baby toys.  They’re pretty neat.  This shop, though, has been a lot of work, let me tell you.   38 more words

Origami Facts of Life

I’m amazed at how origami designers conceive complicated, intricate figures, and I love a good origami diagram that documents this process. An accurate diagram is a work of art in itself.


4 Guys, 2 Girls and a Lot of Fur


“Butterscotch & Cannonball”

Glenda bunny is here for her second Thanksgiving. She was very excited when she arrived, binkying all over the place. She’s surrounded by three boys, so it’s no wonder. 118 more words