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Rabbit Grooming

Despite acting as hardy creatures, rabbits are extremely delicate-from their tail to their spines to their external systems. Care must always be taken to maintain their good health. 37 more words

Bunny/Rabbit Grooming

Cottage Life (July 24th, 2014) - Waaboos Lane

…..waaboos is Ojibway for rabbit

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that my cottage is situated on a First Nations’ reserve. The island is one of the largest islands on Georgian Bay and is approximately the size of Bermuda. 162 more words


Bella's Annual Inspection



We took our Bella Leche to the vet last night for her annual checkup. I was concerned that her weight was a little low, but the vet said she was fine. 122 more words


RIP- my freakin´awesome rabbit Skugge

My rabbit died. The day I got home from Peru, he past away in the morning before I came home. I miss him.

This is a hip-hop gangasta´ memorial for my awesome rabbit Skugge. 107 more words


A Bit of Bunny Blasphemy

Y’all, why has no one reprimanded me!? There has only been exactly 1 bunny post this year, and the name of this blog is Bunny Baubles… So many baubles and so few bunnies. 46 more words

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