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How to Eat Like a Hobbit in 7 Steps: Luncheon

Stewed Hare with Root Vegetables and Herb Dumplings

Until very recently, rabbits were a common source of protein. Before refrigeration, their small size made one rabbit the perfect amount of meat for a single family’s meal with no worry about waste or spoilage. 753 more words


Nights with the batties can become quite social, as they’re constantly interacting with other animals. Sure, mostly the interaction involves eating or being eaten. I adore seeing them mow through termites, their tail raising as I know they are about to chase a sun spider, scorpion or mouse, or go to their favourite spot for peanut beetles to drop. 337 more words

Bat-eared Foxes

Human Nature

Somewhere inside us
is a wolf hunting for prey
and marking its territory.
It prowls the perimeter
of our thoughts, scratching
and leaving its scent. There is also… 80 more words

Animals and more Animals!

Various animals from various places…

Bat from the Luttrell Psalter (English, 14th century)

A hound and bees from the Maastricht Hours (Nederlands, 14th century)

A rather Jaunty Rabbit (15th century) 14 more words


Delicious Memories of Cereal

The crispy calous crunch of the Captain’s Crunch. The lovely laced liquid of Lucky Charms milk. The corrupted Chocolate cravings of the Count Chocula. The tasty talented twist of all the Rabbit’s Trix.

Winnie the Pooh - Who are you?

I’ve been reliving many of the cartoons from my past, including a few from the Winnie the Pooh franchise. Even as a kid these weren’t my favorite, I grew up in the middle of great cartoons such as Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers. 369 more words