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Baby Rabbit in Hand sketch

i draw this baby rabbit inspired by a photo on 9gag and i see every little aspect on it. and i draw it in my mother birthday, so i giving this picture like a birthday card. 18 more words


April 22, 2014

A few more pics from yesterday…

Walking on the water!

Finally got a couple of pictures of the wren…tricky to get pictures in flight.

A good day of R & R.



Random Thoughts

I felt that.

Besides being able to speak our minds to the whole wide world, another advantage of social media is to listen (or read I suppose) to others’ thoughts and opinions. 310 more words


Six Weeks and Counting Down

The calendar doesn’t lie. Six more weeks until our first CSA delivery for 2014. Looking out the window all I see is grey skies and pouring rain. 622 more words


Pleasures and Problem-Solving - Bunnies

Years ago I transplanted some violets to my gardens. They are very prolific…almost becoming weedlike in spots. They are even scattered throughout the lawn. I love them though…they are welcome in my yard. 77 more words



Sometimes I imagine myself in a cold world, with a white sun.


Sexy Rabbit Lady

I’m in the process of planning cute designs for a mural I am painting in a school library.
I thought about unicorns, they’re cute. Then I thought about other mythical beasts like mermaids and satyrs and then I thought about the unpublicised mythical beasts, the lesser known, crap ones.   76 more words