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Missing Someone

Sometimes when someone special has gone away on a long journey, you start to miss them. Wherever they go, you start wondering what sort of trials and challenges they will face. 141 more words


To Reward or to punish? Let the veterinarians of Lachine explain!

Education according to veterinarians of Lachine.

We are always surprised that in 2014, many pet owners still quickly punish their animals but are reluctant to reward them. 610 more words


Way Too Much Time on My Hands?

Sometimes when I do something playfully creative, someone will say that I have “way too much time” on my hands. First of all, it doesn’t always take a lot of time to implement creative ideas, and if it does, what better way to spend my time! 34 more words


Down the rabbit hole.

Something about fuzzy, poor quality photography makes me super calm. Sorta like I’m still high, I love being high!!!

Don’t do drugs!


Tofu Tuesday Returns: Captain Tofu Grislybeard

I know some of you have been missing Tofu Tuesdays. Last month was the longest time Tofu Tuesday had gone on hiatus in the 4 years this blog has been going.  77 more words


Welcome to My Blog!

Hey Everybody! Welcome to my New Blog! This blog is all about rabbits and rabbit care. I’ll make new posts about things like homemade rabbit treats and toys, money-saving tips, how to get your bunny to binky (that was one of my BIG questions before my bunny’s first binky) and a lot of other things. 89 more words


Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit-- Happy September

Good morning and happy September. Did everyone say Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit first thing in the morning. I remember being a kind and always at the end of the month this fact would appear on Nickelodeon and then they would say if you forget to say it when you wake up, you can  say tibbar, tibbar, tibbar before you go to bed, it will still have the same effect. 730 more words