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Listening for a Signal


Hudson eats greens differently than any other rabbit I’ve seen. She sits up tall and tries to get the food to fall into mouth via gravity. 124 more words


rabbit ragu

Culinary school seemed to be a constant stream of cleaning lamb racks and butchering rabbits. I still enjoy both but rarely prepare them at home. 330 more words



So, I listened to “Fireworks” by Kate Perry today. Hadn’t heard it in a while. Still a cool song. Anyways, that has nothing to do with today’s post.

To Eppy

Dear Eppy,

I often wondered what your last day with me would be like.  Would I know that it was almost over?  Would we spend the day snuggling and playing? 695 more words

Animal Testing: Do Test/Do Not Test Lists

To continue on the « cruelty free » products, I’d like to give you more information. Looking for those items can become very VERY tricky if we are not totally conscious about the REAL meanings behind the sentences/logo/motto claimed by the brands. 979 more words


In the works!

Currently working on some plushies! We have a Platypusbear, a cat and a bunny… Still not quite right for any of them! Trial and error! Practice! 16 more words


Important bunny advice

There is hot weather in many parts of the UK at the moment, so this advice for rabbit owners is very important. It is also relevant in other countries where rabbits are kept in warm conditions. 19 more words