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RabbitMQ on Raspberry Pi

Playing around with RabbitMQ lately, I was interested how it would perform on a very small box, a
Raspberry Pi.

Here is a short description how to get RabbitMQ running on a Raspberry Pi. 242 more words


Highly Available Sensu

Monitoring has always been about as fun as doing backups to me. That is, until I started working with Sensu (sensuapp.org). Plenty has been written on Sensu, so I won’t go into what makes it cool. 1,141 more words

Simple RabbitMQ Wrapper for PowerShell

I was working on a project where I needed a pool of PowerShell workers that were distributed across several nodes and should be served by a central dispatcher. 1,813 more words


HA All The Things

I hate HA (High Availability). Today everything has to be highly available. All of the sudden SA (Standard Availability) isn’t cutting it any more. Case in point: I used to listen to music on my way to work. 1,332 more words


Installing RabbitMQ on Windows Server

RabbitMQ installation is pretty straightforward except that the data folder is by default located in the User folder of the user performing the uninstall. When user accounts are purged once in a while and all user data are deleted you will also loose your entire RabbitMQ configuration. 438 more words

Windows Server

Node.js Apps and Periodic Tasks

When working on a distributed system of any size, sooner or later you will hit a problem and proclaim ‘well, this is a first’. My second proclamation in such situations is ‘this is a nice topic for the blog’. 1,399 more words


Book Review - RabbitMQ Essentials

Book Review – RabbitMQ Essentials

This book makes a departure from most of the RabbitMQ books that have been published in the last few years. Rather than tediously cover the API with simple examples this book has been aimed at changing your mind set on how to architect and code applications around a message based philosophy. 453 more words

Message Queueing