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Increase RabbitMQ file descriptor limit and memory watermark without restart

Our time here
Is now at end
Can’t help but reminisce
A cold spring day
So long ago
When we set out to sea
(Amon Amarth – Varyags Of Miklagaard)
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Install and reload on Mac (macports)

$ sudo port install rabbitmq-server
$ sudo rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management
http://localhost:15672 (guest/guest)

$ sudo port unload rabbitmq-server
$ sudo port load rabbitmq-server

$ sudo rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_tracing

Operating OpenStack: Monitoring RabbitMQ

At the OpenStack Operators meetup the question was asked about monitoring issues that are related to RabbitMQ.  Lots of OpenStack components use a message broker and the most commonly used one among operators is RabbitMQ. 536 more words

Virtual Andy

RabbitMQ on Raspberry Pi

Playing around with RabbitMQ lately, I was interested how it would perform on a very small box, a
Raspberry Pi.

Here is a short description how to get RabbitMQ running on a Raspberry Pi. 242 more words


Highly Available Sensu

Monitoring has always been about as fun as doing backups to me. That is, until I started working with Sensu (sensuapp.org). Plenty has been written on Sensu, so I won’t go into what makes it cool. 1,141 more words

Simple RabbitMQ Wrapper for PowerShell

I was working on a project where I needed a pool of PowerShell workers that were distributed across several nodes and should be served by a central dispatcher. 899 more words


HA All The Things

I hate HA (High Availability). Today everything has to be highly available. All of the sudden SA (Standard Availability) isn’t cutting it any more. Case in point: I used to listen to music on my way to work. 1,332 more words