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Whole Foods is taking heat for selling rabbit

No one is talking about selling kittens and puppies at the meat counter, but for the group of bunny-loving pet owners protesting near the Whole Foods in Union Square, they might as well be. 3,144 more words

Be vewy vewy qwiet....I'm hunting Wabbits (and Monkeys)

On Thursday morning I happened to drive past a location where I knew there was a geocache I was yet to visit….and my car just seemed to drive itself into the Carpark nearest to the cache location, so what was I to do? 517 more words


Rabbits: Quick Update

Today my rabbit colony is down to just 30 individuals – Trudy’s first litter have been despatched.

They were a tad small, liveweights ranging from just over 3.5lbs to just about 4lbs, but I’ve still managed to put 2.8kg of meat in the freezer for us, plus about 12 days’ ferret food, a couple of days’ treats to liven up the dogs’ meat and 6 nice young skins in the freezer (they keep better that way until I have time to scrape them properly and tan them). 161 more words


New Three Hole Rabbit Cage is Done

I finally managed to finish the three hole cage! It’s about darned time! This one is 18″ high, 30″ deep, and 8′ long. Each cage is 32″. 67 more words


Vintage Chairs - New In Stock

Am thrilled to bits with how my recent vintage chairs have turned out.

It’s a bit like the “old days” when you used to take your camera film to Boots and you felt excited at the prospect of how good the photos would be when you collected them. 201 more words

Sloppy Hoppies--A Rabbit Recipe

This was such a great dinner, I have to share it with you. I spent a lot of time looking at different recipes before I came up with my own version of Sloppy Joe’s made with ground rabbit meat. 210 more words