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8 Ways to Make Your Senior Cat's Golden Years Comfortable

1. Remember that your senior cat is still the top cat

Even if your other cats start agitating for the throne, so to speak, remind them that they should respect their elders. 463 more words

The Most Humane Post

First and foremost, I would like to wish all Muslim readers a blessed Eid and safe travels for all.

I reckon that this will be the least animal related post I have written in almost 8 years of blogging. 618 more words


The Rabbits' Wedding by Garth Williams

In this delightful story meant to parallel interracial relationships, a black rabbit and white rabbit play together in the forest. In between games, the black rabbit keeps “just thinking.” He doesn’t tell the white rabbit what he is thinking until half way through the book when she insists that he share his thoughts. 205 more words


Helping Your Dog Sleep Through The Night

You may be surprised to learn dogs sometimes have trouble sleeping.

Puppies have been comforted at night by the company of their litter mates and mother. 843 more words


I think my favourite colour in the garden is orange, whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy day the one colour that really stands out is orange. 42 more words

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Hybrid Kit Weights - 8 Weeks

The Creme d’Argent and Silver Marten hybrid kits are now eight weeks old. Weighing them every week really makes me realize how quickly the weeks go by. 121 more words