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baby raccoon

 dusk at Mount Diablo State Park – i walked up on a mom and this baby Raccoon having some black berries for breakfast. this one was tiny! 64 more words

The other week, not long before dusk, I was sitting outside in the garden relaxing. I’d had the radio on but turned it off just to hear the natural sounds. 64 more words

Short Thoughts


Gotta wonder what these two little guys are up to.


Cartoon Doodles

I haven’t done ‘cartoons’ since junior high, I think. I had a whole line of characters that I had based off of one fast, meaningless scribble. 65 more words

The Most Redneck Pic Ever?

For a while… I thought Colt Ford might be the BIGGEST redneck I know… That was until a man gave me a chicken for Fathers Day… Kevin Fowler… I’m not “name droppin”!! 90 more words


Who Needs An Elf?

My friend Bacon is running a contest to try and find a worthy home for one of his friends.  That friend just happens to be an elf… and at that, a possible conspirator with the infamous evil Elf on a Shelf of the Hotel Thompson, … 1,396 more words