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Nightlife at the Dodson Farm

I sometimes put out corn and apples for the deer in the fall and winter.    An infrared game camera with motion detection captures the action.    In the picture above there are three raccoons and one possum.   278 more words

Visions From The Farm

what have i done
what have you done
crying awake
in the panic of the afternoon
am i the raccoon of this city?
my family… 45 more words

Woodland Critters are online

After several weeks of NOT getting any photos taken I have done it! Of course, these photos don’t have any with SP in them modelling the shirts but at least I got some high-quality, well-lit pics to allow me to FINALLY list my new designs. 149 more words

Etsy Store

A ball of fluff

How round can you get?

This round. Yep, it’s good to be a raccoon.



Weekend Kitchen Update and an Encounter with Wildlife

The next step in our kitchen adventure was to tear out the entire kitchen to get ready for the cabinet install. Now, the installation technically won’t happen until Monday (fingers crossed), but we needed to get the room cleared so Andrew and our neighbor can run some new electrical lines, which is happening last weekend (yes, last weekend is as “real time” as you are going to get). 447 more words

The Dancing Raccoon

The other night when Mom and I took the dogs out for their last walk of the night, I heard a terrible squawking sound. I couldn’t quite place it, but it was a mix of a little girl being tortured and birds flapping their wings and leaves rustling. 524 more words