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Click below to see one of the cutest things I’ve ever laid eyes on. I can’t get over this video. I’ve wanted a pet raccoon since I saw Disney’s Pocahontas as a kid. Eeeeeee!

Adorable Pet Raccoon!



Pronounced: ah-zuh-bahn

Also spelled: Azban, Asban or Azaban, Espun, Hespuns, Hespens

Azeban is a low-level raccoon trickster spirit in Abenaki folk lore and mythology. The Abenaki’s traditional homeland is known as Wobanakik, meaning “Place of the Dawn” and located where Northern New England and South Quebec are today. 1,191 more words


Killing 'coons

Recently I have started to trap ‘coons, and then arrange their funerals. Let me tell you how it all started.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I recently read a really good book called  554 more words