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Trube Stories: 'Squirrel Man' Of Oak Cliff

By Emily Trube | @KRLDEmily

OAK CLIFF (KRLD) – What do you do when you find an injured wild animal in your yard? We typically know what to do when a dog or cat is sick or roaming around loose, but finding the next step in helping, say, a hurt raccoon or an abandoned baby possum is a little more complicated. 631 more words



These days, making friends outside of some social network seems like an impossible task to people of a certain generation and beyond.  It’s just the changing times.  110 more words


Flora and Fauna Friday

The raccoons in the park are hungrier, as winter denies them their picnic scraps and constant stream of people who ignore the “DON’T FEED THE WILDLIFE” signs.

Flora And Fauna

The Skyline to the Sea Trail

And-duh so, I give you The Skyline to the Sea Trail narrative!

Day 1: Only three miles? OK, well let’s take it easy… pack languidly… enjoy the drive along the coast… meet up at Waddell Beach to drop Rudolfo. 612 more words


The Raccoon Incident - Part 1

I was living alone in a two bedroom bungalow house, in a town where I knew only one person, where I had no job, an ex-boyfriend who wasn’t returning my texts asking when I could return all his stuff to him, and it was Tuesday. 2,583 more words


How Do I Get Anything Done?

  Katerina is staging a silent takeover.       I wonder if she has any ideas for starting a blog of her own.  She has had many adventures since she joined our family not so long ago.   101 more words


RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: He Sits on the Porcelain Throne

America’s Funniest Videos spotlighted a video of a potty trained raccoon during their Christmas edition.  Wow, America’s Funniest Videos is still around?  When I was a kid, it was called America’s Funniest Home Videos and it was hosted by… 148 more words