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“Wildlife Proofing” Your Home: Managing Urban Wildlife in Vaughan

Check out the updated Animal Services webpage on vaughan.ca for information on dog and cat licensing, animal control by-law education, urban wildlife, pick up of injured or stray dogs and cats, reuniting owners with lost pets, and pet adoption. 500 more words


The Fun Part of Trapping(II)

Thank you all for being interested enough to read my second blog post. I will get right back to where I was at.

The raccoons were first brushed, in order to remove any burrs or tangles that they might’ve had, their fur was just absolutely beautiful! 285 more words

The Fun Part of Trapping

There were two raccoons in the trunk of my friends car, and we were almost back from our first day of checking traps this season. The morning had been quite beautiful, and we were both feeling great about how the morning had went thus far; the traps had worked VERY well, the raccoons had great fur, and we had both woken up on time. 257 more words

Of termites and raccoons and birds and memories

Just as our disgruntled fellow passenger was really getting tuned up, we entered the reserve. I don’t think anybody ever said exactly where we were. I’ve looked since we got home and the only place we could have been was the Reserva de la Biosfera La Encrucijada. 1,551 more words

Raccoon intelligence

A man asked for advice on how to keep raccoons out of his sweet corn patch. One man said to plant lots of pumpkins around the garden; raccoons will not go through heavy vines.  153 more words