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So I Guess This is It...

Hello there, Condura race bib and sixteen baby Cloud9. I was thisclose to not running Condura because of a minor mishap that happened last Sunday. But you know what they say… The… 26 more words

Video: Brazen Black Bullies Pull Daylight Gas Station Robbery in South Africa

Spend a minute and watch the future of the West unfold before your eyes. Nothing dramatic. Just the example of a social order out of control. 40 more words

Born Black

I never asked
to be born black
in a world
so full of hate.
I did not ask
to be cut off
as soon as… 190 more words


Black Alpha Leader Lavishes Praise On White Woman While White Male Dolt Looks Foolish

An older TV commercial I had never seen before. Maybe you haven’t seen it either.

It’s blatant anti-white propaganda of the kind that many people are now aware of. 28 more words

Negro McDonald's CEO Steps Down Amid Massive Failure, Stock Jumps

I really don’t trust the food at McDonald’s. The fact that the company promotes something called 365 Black also tells me that they have rejected the white customer in favor of diversity. 309 more words

Butthurt Black Told to Go Back to Africa Admits He Doesn't Know Where That Is

I think the following story on godlikeproductions is fake, posted by a libturd race baiter, but on the chance it isn’t, let’s look at it and then explain why the logic is flawed. 260 more words