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@VRWCRadio at 8pm 10-21-14 edition - #Obama causes crowd to leave - @QuintonReport covers, Democrats play the race card ahead of elections, and much more

The gang is all here at 8pm to discuss a jam-packed weekend of news
– Obama attended an Anthony Brown fundraiser here in Maryland (h/t QuintonReport). 67 more words


ZoNation | Is There a Cure for Stupidity? Jesse Jackson Blames Ebola on Racism?!?

Published on Oct 21, 2014

Can Jesse Jackson inoculate his stupidity away? He really thinks that Ebola has racist roots, and thinks doctors are treating black people differently.

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Ferguson protesters, rioters, arsonists, trespassers and racist are turning up their threats for an all out war if they don’t get their way,  thanks to a New York Times story that indicated officer Darren Wilson was assaulted in his patrol car, had a struggle over his gun, which was fired hitting M. 693 more words

Another WFB Al Sharpton Supercut

Those miscreants at the Washington Free Beacon really need to stop picking on Al Sharpton. It’s mean-spirited and it’s wrong. Ed Schultz is equally ridiculous and embarrassing – but you don’t see the wise guys WFB attacking Shultz every other day. 40 more words


Open Letter To Racial Agitators In Ferguson and St. Louis

Enough, already.

The vast majority of American people who are able to look at facts and make logical assessments  are not with you. I know this may come as a surprise because so much of the media coverage of your antics has been sympathetic. 441 more words