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Obama And Holder Release Messages For Ferguson Mob And Law Enforcement

Ahead of the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri, both outgoing (finally!)Attorney General Eric Holder and Emperor Obama released messages warning law enforcement to behave themselves. 965 more words


Ferguson Cop's Wife: DOJ Agents In Town Are “Not There to Guide, They're There to Harm.”

According to a local report, police in Ferguson, Missouri are not happy at all with the “DOJ representatives” from the Civil Rights Division who have poured into their town in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting. 799 more words


Surveillance Video Shows Shooting at Highland Park Hospital

This is from NBC 5 Chicago.

A Son Of Obama rides with a drunk driver with his nine year old daughter in tow and is involved in a wreck. 407 more words

The Long Knives Are Coming Out For Rev. Al

By now you’ll have read (or heard about ) the NYTs piece on the good Reverend Al Sharpton:

Mr. Sharpton has regularly sidestepped the sorts of obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills.

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John Rocker Used A 'Hail Mary' Metaphor To Talk About Race

The last time we heard from John Rocker, he was telling a female contestant on ‘Survivor’ that if she were a man, he would have knocked her teeth out… 374 more words