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Waters, M.C. 1996. "Optional Ethnicities: For Whites Only?"

Waters, Mary C. 1996. “Optional Ethnicities: For Whites Only?” In Origins and Destinies: Immigration, Race and Ethnicity in America. Ed. S. Padraza and R. Rumbaut. 405 more words

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Pathologizing Black Folks is America's Religion, Or: A Few Thoughts on Roxane Gay's 'Bad Feminist'

I spend nearly everyday writing and reading about global and local configurations of white supremacy and anti-blackness, with a special emphasis on the U.S. and France. 5,392 more words

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In diverse classrooms, does teacher's background matter?

Fresno Unified School District recently hired a white teacher to teach cultural studies courses at the new Gaston Middle School in Southwest Fresno. Some community leaders… 113 more words


Tanner, J, M. Asbridge, and S. Wortley. 2008. "Our Favorite Melodies: Musical Consumption and Teenage Lifestyles."

Tanner, Julian, Mark Asbridge, and Scot Wortley. 2008. “Our Favourite Melodies: Musical Consumption and Teenage Lifestyles.” The British Journal of Sociology 59(1): 117-144.

Studies lifestyle patterns and determinants amongst high school students in Toronto, informed by cultural stratification and adolescent subculture. 379 more words

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Hall, S. 1992. "Race, Culture, and Communications: Looking Backward and Forward and Cultural Studies."

Hall, Stuart. 1992. “Race, Culture, and Communications: Looking Backward and Forward at Cultural Studies.” Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture, and Society 5 (1): 10-18. 290 more words

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Broken trust: can youth and police ever see eye-to-eye?

How do emotions about police shape your experience of being young and black in public?  Black youth explain how their early impressions of police were reinforced by their experiences as they grew up.  83 more words


The Need to Understand Myself as a Cis-Gender Woman of Color

I’m an anti-racist scholar and yet, to my shame, I have been resistant to understanding myself as a cis-gender woman. While I’ve publicly embraced the social reality of my cis-gender-ness — and taught my students about the need to be aware of cis privilege — I’ve done these things… 2,682 more words

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