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A cross-section from Ferguson, and parts beyond

First and foremost: the St. Louis Area Foodbank serves Ferguson. If you’ve been looking for some way to support the protestors and the occupied, but are (understandably) wary of opportunistic scammers, this is one reputable place to donate. 349 more words

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A Prayer for the Mothers

Two days before Michael Brown was shot dead in the streets of Ferguson, MO, I was watching old media footage surrounding the 1955 murder of… 406 more words


"These are not isolated incidents"

“What was the Mulford Act? Nothing less than an outright ban on carrying guns in public places, a law that would today sound draconian in general, let alone a piece of legislation with support from the NRA. 296 more words

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A bunch of tales of egregious race and gender BS. With studies!

“Haven’s inconsistent enforcement of the dress code makes girls ‘embarrassed,’ because those who are more developed often get singled out. The experience of 12-year-old Lucy Shapiro supports this. 447 more words

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Fear of Violence at the Intersections of Sexuality, Gender, and Race and Ethnicity

A great deal of victimization research has investigated factors that explain differences in fear of crime, including prior victimization, community disorder, and population density. A number of scholars have examined gender differences in fear, consistently finding that women experience greater levels of fear than men. 944 more words


Why Long Beach needs Ethnic Studies in high schools

With over 400,000 people from around the world calling it home, Long Beach is one of the most diverse places in the country. But most young people don’t know much about other cultures living in the city – and how those cultures influence each other. 44 more words


Zwarte Piet is (Officially) Racist: What's Next?

So, this week it has been announced by the Amsterdam Court that the grotesque Dutch caricature Zwarte Piet (Black Peter) is in fact racist. It’s not that this is news exactly but it is a major milestone in our fight against racist imagery throughout Europe and across the globe. 823 more words

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