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The Left Airbrushes LBJ Back Into The Picture

As Stacy McCain points out:

There was once a sort of bipartisan consensus about this: Left-wingers hated LBJ for fighting the Vietnam war; right-wingers hated him because he wouldn’t fight to…

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Stacy McCain

Hank Aaron Endorses Helter Skelter

I was going to offer some commentary on the sad and pitiable man known as Hank Aaron, but Mark Levin’s and, especially, Jeff Goldstein’s have really beaten me to the punches. 926 more words

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Of Course...

The U.S. will keep its current force of 450 land-based nuclear missiles but remove 50 from their launch silos as part of a plan to bring the U.S.

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What Is 'Holding Down The Black Man'

Jakee308′s analysis of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s argument in one of his recent columns, over in a post by Stacy McCain, I think, explains why a majority of Blacks in America find themselves in the bad situation they are in: 237 more words

Stacy McCain

Lady Michbeth's Royal Progress 2014 [UPDATED]

Or: What Have You Spawned, Mrs. Robinson?

From The Washington Times, Cheryl Chumley reporting, we learn:

First lady Michelle Obama, her two daughters, Malia and Sasha, and her mother touched down Thursday in China for what’s being touted as a weeklong feel-good tourist event, amid increasing murmurs back home about U.S.

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