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Ferguson, Missouri, Police Officer Shot Amid Continuing Protests

By Tom Winter
NBC News

A Ferguson police officer was shot Saturday night, a senior local police source with official knowledge of the situation tells NBC News. 552 more words

Race Has NOTHING To Do With It...

Awful news is cops seem to be trying to outdo each other in taking out unarmed black men, women and children and getting away with it. 114 more words

Race In America

Are People Still Passing?

“Racial passing refers to a person classified as a member of one racial group also accepted as a member of a different racial group. The term was used especially in the U.S.

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Is Ferguson the Catalyst for the Overdue Discussion of Racism in America?

What was the most helpful thing you read about Ferguson?

I have tried to stay away from this topic only because I’m not sure I have anything of real value to add, but the folks at…

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Tribute to an Old Friend

This is a story I haven’t told the Lively Lad. Not yet. Bear with me through the personal history, there is a point at the end…. 1,685 more words

Race In America

White Privilege Black Burden

For days now, I have been without words, speechless. It isn’t that I have been without thought, it is simply I have not had the heart to write the words. 1,764 more words


Black, White, Brown and Gold

In view of the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri it is quite obvious that we have some serious racial problems in America! However, the problems are not just about race, they are also about economics, respect for authority, personal responsibility, and government abuse! 1,527 more words

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