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You must check out the story below. Are you sure that we are in 2014? Basically what happens here is that a white business owner in Chicago sees an older black woman smoking near his business and he got upset. 526 more words

Are You Kidding Me?


Sports.  It is said that athletics serve as a way to unite all people; something that anyone can participate in, and even become excellent in if enough training is put in.   1,074 more words


What's The Story With The Daquan Jokes?

If you have a whole lot of time on your hands, please read my 30,000 word memoir of my adventures in Seoul. It’s got sex, drugs and rock music in it and it’s all real… 908 more words


The School to Prison Pipeline starts as early as Pre-School

Check out this video that shows the devastating consequences of the school to prison pipeline, how it starts as early as pre-school and what one school district has done systemically to stop the pipeline:

Race In America

As American As...

A few weeks ago I was at a train station standing next to what turned out to be a mother, father, and young child heading off on a trip, and a few friends and family there to see them off. 242 more words


Sixth Sense [july]

SIXTH SENSE featuring the arts of all disciplines posted on the 6th of every month~
The Sixth Sense featured guest artists are artists that you might like to know about~ 450 more words

Abstract Art


This is one problem that is finally being addressed for all of society.  Now it has to be dealt with at the welfare office where we are missing two requirements – drug testing to receive welfare and return the work requirement which was dropped by the present administration.   86 more words

Discipline And Work