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Through the White Looking Glass: How People of Color are Portrayed by Hollywood

Just this past week a well-intentioned look at racial relations hit the theaters, Black or White. No sooner did it make it’s critical review debuts than did people in the film community begin to take notice of its very white point-of-view. 1,055 more words

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The Rise of Race in Film

Unless you’ve been living in oblivion for the past year, it’s kind of hard to deny that race has once again become a topic in America’s social culture. 520 more words

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"The Good Food Revolution - Growing Healthy Food, People, and Communities" by Will Allen with Charles Wilson

Will Allen is 65 years old, just like me. He was born into very different circumstances. When I read this book, I had to keep reminding myself that his childhood and youth did not take place “far away and long ago”. 475 more words

On Roles and Race

When Claire was a toddler and learning to speak, she called every black man she saw “my neighbor.” This was cute in some ways, but it was also a little uncomfortable. 1,822 more words

We Who Believe in Freedom...

Race. Four small letters, one powerful word.

Race. The four letter word and social construction that has been used for millennia to subjugate a sector of people to lower class, lower than human status. 1,110 more words


My Take: Race

Some food for thought…

After watching the news and reading social media for weeks, it’s clear that there is a demographic that views me as “privileged”, simply because I’m white. 280 more words


Imagining Dr. King on MLK Day 2015

Image courtesy of Historical Stock Photo

I spent a fair amount of Monday, Dr. King’s Day, reading and listening to his words.  I couldn’t help but wonder what would he think now. 1,194 more words

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