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Much Ado About Theatrics: Django Unchained Actress Gets to Follow the Rules Too

I’ll be the first person in a dogfight to throw down for equal justice and constitutional rights under the law for all people. I’ve been an advocate and community activist supporting race relations for nearly two decades in Los Angeles. 1,087 more words

Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer Tackle Racially Blended Families in 'Black and White'

Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival this month, Black and White stars Kevin Costner as an attorney struggling to raise his biracial granddaughter after the deaths of his wife and daughter. 150 more words

9/11? Get Over It

The irony of 9/11 for black people, and others of color is perfectly embodied in the slogan countless Americans have commandeered to honor victims of the most significant act of terrorism ever perpetrated against the United States: Never Forget. 588 more words

Race Matters

You're the Nigger Baby, Not Me


The perspectives espoused by Andre TheGiant Poet in the above video links is indicative of how many black people feel right now, but everything that sounds reasonable isn’t. 881 more words

Race Matters

Enough Bigotry to Go Around?

Hey y’all! I just finished my fancy pants appearance on Moody Radio’s Up For Debate. (That I told you about yesterday which you would know if you had been paying attention. 867 more words


Bring the Smelling Salts and Set Your Alarm Clocks!

So there’s this lovely woman named Judy who produces the radio show Up For Debate with Julie Roys on Moody Radio. And I think she might be slightly incompetent. 451 more words