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Ask an Anthropologist: Ebola Edition

Ebola continues to ravage West African countries, causing almost 5,000 deaths due to a mortality rate approaching 50% and creating thousands of orphaned children, who are now isolated and shunned by their communities.   537 more words

From our first Contributor, Lindsey G, a post titled: "But I'm not a Racist."

I was born in small town Alabama.  I had a modest, middle-class upbringing in a town with a population that is 95% white. As a white kid in Alabama, I never experienced discrimination or racism or bigotry. 1,286 more words


* Perceptions and prejudices

Blacks and whites, typical learners and special needs kids: How do they fare in school?  Often not so well.  I am going to share a couple of scenarios from my own experience. 799 more words

Autism Matters

* "Go and play"

“Go and play.”  These are the words kids may hear when they report problems at recess.  How safe is a playground?  How well is it supervised?   561 more words

EC Philosophy And Issues

White Like Me

Over dinner last month, my 4-year-old asked, “Are the new neighbors white-skinned or brown-skinned?” As I pondered how to answer, his big sister chimed in, “I hope they’re white-skinned.” I paused, barely chewed. 645 more words

Local Midrash

* Inequality: Blog Action Day

This post is prompted by Blog Action Day:

What inequality do I want to address?  The legacy of slavery.  There are so many issues of inequality across the world, but I am moved by the words of a friend whose grandparents were enslaved in… 359 more words

Race Matters

* Special education labeling and race

As a special educator, I would have to be blind (and dumb) not to see that black boys are over-represented as behaviorally-emotionally handicapped.  The Office of Civil Rights… 642 more words

Race Matters