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Why It Happens -- for Laura

I unintentionally started a mini-flame war on Facebook by comparing two stats the other day — Number of police killed (in one article), and number of young Black men killed (in another article). 2,031 more words


New York Times - Little Scrutiny of Public Housing Patrols Amid Calls for Police Reform

It seems that standing in public spaces in, around or near your home can earn you a citation (and possible eviction) in New York.  Does this unfairly target certain racial and economic groups?  6 more words

Social Justice

Huffington Post - What Happened When Two Students, One Black and One White, Participated in a Peaceful Protest

Insightful piece here,written by two Union Theological Seminary MDiv students.  This highlights the current myopia in America as it relates to race and racism.

Social Justice

Cultural Competence in the Church

I am so excited to continue my three-part mini-series at Missio Alliance discussing topics that are trending in the church! In today’s piece, I address the issue of cultural competence. 265 more words


What a White Girl Knows About Race - Free E-book

When I married an African American man 16 years ago, I had my concerns about the future, but really, race wasn’t one of them. I thought that beyond the challenges of culture between us personally, my husband’s race wouldn’t matter. 711 more words


Where's the White Moral Majority?

People ask me all the time, usually white women for some reason, why I talk as if I know the minds of all white people. They tell me not all whites are the same, most are not racist at all, and that there are many whites who want institutionalized racism destroyed the same as people of color do. 626 more words

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A Different Kind of Justice

Punitive justice won’t bring back Michael Brown—or Eric Garner or Tamir Rice or Trayvon Martin or John Crawford. Unraveling systemic racism starts with communities, not courts. 2,107 more words