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* Perceptions and prejudices

Blacks and whites, typical learners and special needs kids: How do they fare in school?  Often not so well.  I am going to share a couple of scenarios from my own experience. 799 more words

Behavior Management

* "Go and play"

“Go and play.”  These are the words kids may hear when they report problems at recess.  How safe is a playground?  How well is it supervised?   561 more words

Autism Matters

White Like Me

Over dinner last month, my 4-year-old asked, “Are the new neighbors white-skinned or brown-skinned?” As I pondered how to answer, his big sister chimed in, “I hope they’re white-skinned.” I paused, barely chewed. 645 more words

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* Inequality: Blog Action Day

This post is prompted by Blog Action Day:

What inequality do I want to address?  The legacy of slavery.  There are so many issues of inequality across the world, but I am moved by the words of a friend whose grandparents were enslaved in… 359 more words

Race Matters

* Special education labeling and race

As a special educator, I would have to be blind (and dumb) not to see that black boys are over-represented as behaviorally-emotionally handicapped.  The Office of Civil Rights… 642 more words

Race Matters

An Important Lesson White People Must Learn If They're Serious About Fighting Racism

There’s a difference between feeling uncomfortable and being unsafe in black spaces.

One month ago, the nation’s consciousness around race relations was awoken abruptly following the shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.  1,951 more words

* Strategies for building community

Building a sense of community in a classroom is a brain-friendly strategy for counteracting teacher and student prejudices through common goals and teamwork.  In her book, “How To Teach Students Who… 391 more words

Race Matters