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Understanding Ferguson: Electing Obama Isn't Enough...

Like most headline news, the Ferguson story will ultimately face an expiration date for ongoing coverage. Although currently center stage, it’s only a matter of time before this one will fade into the occasional sound bite — or referenced along with a couple of words, like Trayvon Martin. 1,177 more words

Ferguson, MO: America's Day of Reckoning

The time has come in America where who we are and what we stand for is at one of its greatest test. Do we rise above chaos or must we finally be consumed by it? 752 more words

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خذي شايب يدلعك ولا تأخذي صبي يولعك: Marry an old man who will spoil you, not a young one who will only give you headache

A few days ago on Facebook, my status was the title of this post.

After a looong dry spell, I had an unexpected brush with the possibility for louuuuuuuuve…. 721 more words

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Call to Action: Help Feed the Hungry Children in Ferguson

The public schools in Ferguson, Missouri will remain closed until at least August 25 due to the unrest in the community and out of concern for the safety of students.   206 more words

Michael Brown Might Have Robbed A Convenience Store. That Doesn't Matter.

When Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson finally identified Darren Wilson as the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, the police department also released surveillance camera footage, photographs and a police report… 609 more words

Officer Darren Wilson's Racial Identity

Darren Wilson has been identified by the Ferguson police department as the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown.

In the past hour I have heard conflicting statements about Officer Wilson’s racial identity. 146 more words

Becoming a White Ally to Black People in the Aftermath of the Michael Brown Murder

As we all know by now, Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenage boy, was gunned down by the police while walking to his grandmother’s house in the middle of the afternoon. 2,222 more words