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Racing Track Mini-event - Vroom Vroom!

There’s a mini-event going on the island! You would already know what is happening based on the title. :P Anyway, you can find the race track at the Stadium. 162 more words


Compromise: Making it Work On and Off the Racetrack

I’m going to state the obvious here: compromise is hard. Humans aren’t born ready to compromise—just consider how willing babies are to wait for you to finish showering before you feed them. 1,093 more words

Porsche 911 Hits Deer At Speed On Race Track

The results of hitting a deer at high speed on a race track could be terrifying as experienced by the owner of this 997.2 Porsche 911 Carrera S when a deer leaped onto the race track when he was performing a hot lap. 30 more words


TRACK DAY: Nelson Ledges Race Complex - July 2014

On July 26, 2014 there was a “fun day” track event at the *new* Nelson Ledges Race Complex.  Here is my account of the fun that unfolded, and some videos of my sessions.   1,285 more words


Need For Speed.

It’s almost 11p.m in my grandpa’s clock here and I’m at home safe and sound.

I don’t know how many of you have been lucky enough to have a “real-life-time-ride” in one of those fast passenger Kerala buses especially after sunset. 510 more words