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Exposing Galway's Race Week

Ahhhhh Race Week in Galway…. A week of good weather, winning money, style, glamour, and a community spirit. Not. 

Firstly, from my experience of Race week, it is never sunny. 446 more words

Race Week Day #4

It’s getting closer everyday….

Today’s word is: anticipation. There are a few things that have left with me with this general aura of anticipatory energy. First of all, and perhaps the most obvious of all, I am anticipating the race. 388 more words


A date with The Ironman

It’s race week. As if I need reminding, someone posted a picture on Facebook of the Ironman banner tied to the front of Bolton Town Hall with the ever so slightly sinister caption: “Knock knock, we’re here”. 482 more words


Vineman 70.3 Race Weekend

Tomorrow Erica and I are headed to Napa for Vineman 70.3. This is my second time doing this race, and I am really looking forward to getting to race it again. 299 more words


Tapering: The final week before the race

Well girls, the time is almost here where we descend on the Gold Coast and give it all we have got. For most of us competing it has been months and months of preparation. 569 more words

Fast Mondays: Race Week

This week is officially race week for the race I’ve been targeting in my get faster mini cycle!

he’s so fast and his endurance is through the roof right now. 352 more words