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Penguin Race

Penguins travel up the moving ladder and slide down the chute to start all over. 1-D battery required, not included. Easy assembly directions included.

EverEarth Jr. Size Ramp Race

Maxim EverEarth Junior Size Ramp Racer Maxim EverEarth Junior Size Ramp Racer is full of speed.Slightly curved ramps allow for rolling, racing fun. The cars click as they race for the finish line.. 18 more words

Entitled America, I’ve Had Enough

Entitled America.

Not the welfare queens, the high school dropouts, the fast food workers who want a raise.

No, I’m talking about people who believe they’re entitled to have things—healthcare, food, a nice retirement, a good school for their children, whatever—because they earned them. 806 more words




Θ  P L E A S E   S C R O L L   D O W N —Θ






Some People Still Have A Long Way To Go

I’m a happy person; I’m not mean to people and it takes a lot to get me angry. Monday night I was angry, very angry and now that I have calmed down, I’ve decided to blog about what happened. 685 more words