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Ferguson: The Fallacy of Truth

The enemy of truth is most often man.

In recent months, I have found myself a lot less mystified by the miracle of the human condition. 2,113 more words

15 random thoughts about Ferguson

I wasn’t in the grand jury room. But, like everyone else, that hasn’t prevented me from having opinion, theories and observations.

1. Michael Brown apparently was no candidate for citizen of the year. 355 more words


2014 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Recap

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t exactly been in the mood to eat, drink, and be merry. I feel like we’re living in a Twilight Zone episode where half of the world is living in some cruel nightmare reality but, for the other half of the world, everything is normal and pleasant and aliens brainwashed them so they’re unable to believe in things they haven’t personally experienced, and I’m stuck somewhere in between feeling angry and sad and impotent. 760 more words

The Internet

Seek meekness

My heart goes out to the people of Ferguson, Missouri. I’ve read enough to know that the facts behind the situation there are murky at best. 1,453 more words


Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest - A new location, a whole new race?

Last week, 30 articulated lorries rolled into foggy London town and the crews began unloading 92 tonnes of steel, 500 road cones, 4km of crowd barriers, 24 half tonne ‘Heston’ bales and 64 standard bales of hay… not to mention 25 litres of washing up liquid. 3,037 more words


Both sides are wrong on Ferguson

With a heavy heart, I’ve been watching the “blowback” from the ruling against the Cop who killed Michael Brown.

I wasn’t in the courtroom, I wasn’t privy to the details that exonerated the cop. 655 more words


Ferguson Abroad

So last night something really interesting happening. I was asked to speak at a vigil commemorating Mike Brown’s unjustified death and supporting the protesters in Ferguson. 519 more words

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