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The Danger Of Silence On Ferguson

Four months ago, I had never heard of Ferguson.  Today that St. Louis suburb dominates the headlines, trends on Twitter and hangs over all of our heads.   672 more words


I admit it: I'm afraid of brown people

After coming home from from running an errand one day, I shut the garage door behind the tail end of my  car. After refusing to text and drive, I couldn’t handle the suspense any longer. 605 more words


The Revolution Will Not Be Cited

August 2014, Montreal QC: as part of the Qouleur Festival performance night, Kama La Mackerel presented “The Revolution Will Not Be Cited” as part of their body of work entitled “Legacy.” 1,014 more words


Ferguson and Obama, Race Baiting, and Our Response

#ferguson #obama Watch the response to rioting, race baiting, disrespect of the law, being blind to simple facts, and using race as an excuse (and legal out) for all criminal behaviors. 45 more words

IN OTHER WORDS | #BlackLivesMatter

I watched the Michael Brown verdict with my twelve year old son. I was not surprised. My shoulders slumped and I felt helpless. He was apoplectic. 359 more words


Dear Fellow White People

To My Fellow White Americans,

In the last two days, a lot has been said about Mike Brown, Officer Wilson, racism, and so much more. I’ve noticed that many of my white acquaintances on Facebook or other places have said or posted some pretty terrible things, perhaps not realizing it. 573 more words