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Ben & I spent this morning discussing the Myers-Briggs personality tests, it’s pros and cons, and how it relates to how we live our lives and interact with each other. 246 more words


Are You A #Boy or A #Girl?

I stopped and smiled as he asked the question. He couldn’t have been older than 6 with that toothy smile and rusting, junior bicycle. His clay-brown skin glistened in the sun, as he cocked his cute, little egg-shaped head in honest curiosity that only children know to grasp well and hard. 205 more words


Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Feminist

Everyone’s got that one or more moment in their past they regret.  Bad haircuts, bad choice of partners, what the hell where we thinking when we wore that, and awful, awful beliefs about race, gender, politics, you name it. 714 more words


8 Things White People Really Need to Understand About Race

When I recently read this fantastic article from Jamelle Bouie entitled Why Do Millenials Not Understand Racism?, I couldn’t help but think it didn’t go far enough. 880 more words


Ain't a damn thing changed

Reading this 2 year old article, what comes to mind how little things have changed. The fact it is easier to get more statistics is no source of comfort. 36 more words


Doll Test- Black dolls VS White dolls

Here recently I watched a video where some people presented a doll test to few young kids and they test basically went a little like this: 629 more words

Christian Life

Losing My Religion

Before you lose your minds, let me tell you, it is a lovely song by R.E.M. I love the cover done by Dia Frampton better because she added a lot of lost feelings to the… 734 more words