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HO Slot car Drag Racing for fun... Auto World 2 in 1 Race Track

Picked up the 2 in 1 Auto World HO Drag strip for cheap!!! Great racing! 2 very realistic Pro stock drag cars and 2 stock cars for the Nascar fans. 25 more words

Roma and segration in Italy

Here’s a recent story out of Italy about one mayor’s quest to put Roma on separate buses in one Italian town. Check it out here.

American Promise

American Promise is an intimate and provocative account, recorded over 13 years, of the experiences of two middle-class African-American boys who entered a very prestigious–and historically white–private school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. 198 more words


Colors in the Crayon Box

After achieving a long overdue victory this past Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, the Seattle Seahawks have become the topic of conversation in regards to a non-athletic orientation: race. 1,412 more words

Did you see what that baby is wearing?

So we participated in a church Halloween function, which the kids were great. We handed out tons of candy in the parking lot dressed in our best non-scary costume. 529 more words


Jose Lopez and the Gentrification of Humboldt Park, Part 2

Note: This is the second half of a piece that began earlier this week.

Which brings us to Lopez himself. For the moment, I’ll leave aside the question of whether or not his goals are “good”; I think I pretty much summarized my feelings in the last post, and I have a piece that takes a much longer look at this sort of problem coming out some time soon. 1,027 more words


Finish The Race....

HEEEY! Did you all miss me? Well I missed YOU! I took a small ‘hiatus’ due to some schedule demands with work and poetry but I am BAAAACK! 690 more words

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