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JTNews gives voice to Seattle's most virulent Israel haters

What good is having  a Jewish newspaper if it serves as a tool for those who wish us harm?

The anti-Israel and often anti-Semitic radicals who organize the pathetic displays of pro-Hamas kabuki street theatre do so with one goal in mind, to manipulate the media in propagating their twisted narrative. 1,034 more words


In Gaza, International Law Is Up in Flames - by Phyllis Bennis

As Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip rages on, ceasefires come and go. Most last just long enough for Palestinians to dig out the dead from beneath their collapsed houses, get the injured to overcrowded and under-resourced hospitals, and seek enough food and water to last through the next round of airstrikes. 636 more words

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With the psychotic barbarians of Hamas proving once again that Islam is the greatest obstacle to world peace it seemed like a good time for a quick take on each individual episode of the cable series… 1,974 more words

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Human shields as weapons of war

The media is making “human shields” a very big story in this latest assault on Gaza.

One writer believes “Hamas’s human shields tactics have given its leaders a winning strategy even if the result is a tragedy for their own people.” In another story, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen… 789 more words