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The Asian Lasagna that Wasn't Really Asian

So this week I’ve been using up all of my Friendsgiving leftovers. I’ve also been pretty busy and haven’t gone to the grocery. The result is that I’ve been making due with what’s already in my fridge. 557 more words

Cooking Tips

I sorta figure out these helpful tips through trial and error. Basically, I learn the hard way. To save you the trouble that I went through, here are a few helpful tips when cooking or baking in the kitchen. 553 more words

One Sassy Homemaker

Authenticity and a Pinch of Nutmeg

In the world of writing, I wonder if other writers feel as I often do – does anyone really care what I write? Does it matter in any way? 428 more words


A Sassy Product Review - Rachel Ray's Pots and Pans

Can I just rave about something for a bit? I am in love with my Rachel Ray cookware. Yes, if anyone could truly love pots and pans it’s me. 312 more words

One Sassy Homemaker

Extreme Pet Gifts for Pampered Pooches and Feline Friends

If you’re hoping to impress a discerning dog lover this holiday season, you have come to the right place. This season, I Love Dogs Diamonds features a showstopper for even the most pampered of pooches: The $3,200,000 Amour, Amour diamond dog collar. 25 more words


Celebrity Caricatures!

A sampling of the digitally painted caricatures I’ve done throughout the year.


The ASPCA Rachael Ray 100K Challenge- Did It Do Any Good?

The ASPCA Rachael Ray 100K Challenge recently came to a close. This 5-year challenge was designed to encourage shelters to find creative ways to save the lives of more animals.  270 more words