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Seven Movies to Watch Now Before They Expire on Netflix Streaming

Josh Jackson has the backs of all who love Netflix streaming. For Paste Magazine, he compiled a list of all of the movies that will expire by the end of November, and pulled out seven titles we should definitely watch now before we have to order the DVD version, and who has the time to wait for movies anymore? 131 more words


0205 | The Bourne Legacy

There are few movie franchises that are able to sustain audience interest as far as a fourth instalment, and although The Bourne Legacy manages to pack in the same amount of excitement and action as the three recent movies based on Robert Ludlum’s signature character Jason Bourne, the occasional feeling of déjà vu makes you wonder whether a semi-reboot like this was really necessary at all (though Tinseltown’s bean counters will argue that $270 million dollars says it was extremely necessary). 1,180 more words


Film Review: ‘Radiator’

The personal experience of looking after one’s aging parents rings achingly true in “Radiator,” the directorial debut of Tom Browne, co-writer of 2001’s “The Nine Lives of Tomas Katz.” Depicting an adult son trying to support his long-suffering mother as she deals with her unraveling yet domineering husband, this family drama echoes Michael Haneke’s “Amour” in its subject matter, although the grotty setting couldn’t be further from that film’s chic Paris apartment. 402 more words


Terence Davies Drains The Deep Blue Sea of Emotion

It takes a lot of nerve to make something as deliberately, unbearably stuffy as The Deep Blue Sea, the latest adaptation of Terence Rattigan’s play, in which director Terence Davies puts a lot of stock in art as imitation. 936 more words


ABOUT A BOY (2002)


I saw About A Boy in theaters, which would have made me 14 at the time, and I think that helped me love it. Not that you have to be a kid to enjoy it or anything, but it felt so real to me. 477 more words

Fata cu cel mai fain nume joacă în The Lovely Bones/The girl with the coolest name stars in The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones e un film foarte fain, dar asta doar dacă îți plac filmele de gen. Și dacă te prinde de la început. Am auzit despre el păreri pro și contra, iar după ce l-am văzut mi-a lăsat o impresie bună, mi-a plăcut povestea din primele minute și am stat cu ochii pe ecran până la final ca să văd ce se întâmplă. 517 more words

Un Film Pe Saptamana

Bid on Kim Kardashian's and Cara Delevingne's Closet Cast-Offs!

What do you get when 50 celebrities, stylists, and designers clean out their closets at once? A whole lot of lust-worthy pieces being auctioned off for charity to celebrate the launch of  219 more words

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