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The Bonesetter's Daughter - Amy Tan - 6/10

“Those were the small rituals we had, what comforted us, what we loved, what we could look forward to, what we could be thankful for. And remember afterward.”

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Brazil could elect first black president – so why isn't anyone talking about it? (+video)

Brazil could elect first black president – so why isn’t anyone talking about it? (+video)

Marina Silva is Brazil’s first presidential candidate to identify herself as black. 265 more words


"If there was a white family.."

How far removed from today’s issues can someone be to not see the blatant racial profiling that occurred in the Hammond, Indiana incident?

CNN can show ya. 401 more words

It's always manana with Obama

Once again President Obama has delayed addressing the ever so touchy subject of immigration. Its extremely “touchy” now that the we’re approaching the midterm elections. The democratic party doesn’t want to risk votes by making a decision on the issue. 193 more words

Book: British Guiana - By Raymond T. Smith - 1962

British Guiana   –  By  Raymond T. Smith -1962

Oxford University Press 1962, Reprinted 1964. Reprinted in 1980 by Greenwood Press, Connecticut.        

In 1958 or 1959 I was asked by the… 633 more words



There is something to be noticed in the media’s broadcasts that followed the news coverage of Michael Brown.

The first photo that many news reports used was Michael Brown in street wear, Nike Foams, and throwing up what many have called a “gang sign”- it was a peace sign. 537 more words

Ferguson's Vote

It didn’t take long after the dust had settled that Ferguson, MO became a rallying point. For many issues.

Racial tension. Police brutality. Social unrest. Poverty. 345 more words