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Against Multiculturalism: Why We Don't Need To Promote African Culture

What is culture? There are two general descriptions.

Culture often means the arts, including cinema, theatre, music, literature. This, the first description, is often the definition of culture the West gives when referring to itself. 643 more words



Growing up I remembering watching Wide World Of Sport with the late great Sports Journalist, Mr. Howard Cosell… Friday night boxing match he would announced “the Greatest”  Mr. 62 more words

On perceptions of beauty and race, with film recommendations

The availability heuristic is often summed up as the human tendency to think that easier something is to remember, the more frequently it must occur. Another neat summary, this time from a Wikipedia contributor, runs as follows: 955 more words


John Pilger on Gender, Racism, LGBT Rights and the Need to Look Outward

Original title of the posted video: John Pilger speaks @ Marxism 2012 (Full Talk)

Published on Apr 23, 2012

Hosted by SOCIALIST ALTERNATIVE – http://www.sa.org.au…

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Why is Protesting in Ferguson Still Happening?

Sierra Williams

Staff Writer

Nearly six weeks after the tragic death of 18-year old Michael Brown, Ferguson, Missouri is still in turmoil. Protesters still populate the streets. 379 more words

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Andrea Gibson's Poem: "Privilege is Not Having to Think About It."

Here is one of my favorite feminist poets Andrea Gibson. In “Privilege is Not Having to Think About It” she addresses the harsh reality of the continual while male privilege through recounting her experience of working with a black poet. 646 more words


defining racism

This is the beginning of my blog on race and racism.

I’ve spent most of my life in the UK, and am now living here in Cape Town. 442 more words