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Saying goodbye to the Negro Community Centre

Two enormous backhoes began tearing down the Negro Community Centre in Little Burgundy, Thursday at 7 a.m. — the final chapter for a historic building that housed a church, a community centre and dance classes. 414 more words

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On hearing both sides

This doesn’t really deserve any reaction beyond a grimace of disgust, but I’m sort of grimly amused at how self-deflating the slogan is, especially as an answer to “Hands up, don’t shoot!” 81 more words

Editorial: Quebec Liberals' outreach to Muslims is great; a new law on 'accommodations' would not be

Since the attacks on two members of the Canadian military by unstable loners from Quebec apparently inspired by extremist beliefs, Premier Philippe Couillard has offered wise words and sage advice. 530 more words


Race in Videogames: Burning questions from the peanut gallery.

Today I received some intriguing questions in regards to the article I posted the other day you can read that piece here. Now I want you all to know I’m an open book, I tell it like it is and I’m open to discussion and all that jazz. 479 more words

All there is to say about "That Bass" (Treble) Part II

Part II – Beckie struggles with the outrage some have expressed over the song All about that Base, and addresses some of the cognitive dissonance prevalent in the discourse surrounding this catchy and controversial song. 1,434 more words


Personal Opinion

Not many people would care much for someones personal opinion on something unless it mattered to the world, but I would like to share my opinion and don’t much care for who likes it or not. 221 more words


Marni Soupcoff: A law that bans ‘mixed race’ couples? Yes. In 2014. In Canada

A Canadian woman falls in love and joins her life with that of a man of a different race. As a direct result of this union, she is harassed, receives notice of eviction, and is told she must leave her home. 630 more words

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