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Community presence or tactical commander? Ron Johnson is the man-in-the-middle in Ferguson

FERGUSON, Mo. — Capt. Ron Johnson was standing in the midst of yet another media scrum, sweat beading on his forehead in the hot, sticky night, when he suddenly swung around and faced an insistent heckler. 1,080 more words


Murray: Ferguson reminds us that slavery's legacy lives on

When I was Michael Brown’s age growing up in Ottawa back in the ’80s, I probably ran from the police about a half dozen times, and make no mistake, I was guilty of doing something illegal each and every time. 554 more words


Divided we stand

What can be said about the goings-on Furguson, Missouri? We have a fatal shooting of a black youth by a white police officer that may or not be justified. 332 more words


Ferguson residents return to the streets as National Guard keep watch

Clutching red roses, singing hymns and chanting quietly, hundreds of residents of a St. Louis suburb were back in the streets Monday to protest the police shooting of Michael Brown, as autopsy results indicated the 18-year-old was shot six times, and National Guardsmen stood at the ready in case the rally turned violent. 1,362 more words


Entering Enlightenment

As I was headed to a Saturday brunch with one of my girlfriends, I was accosted with ignorance. I took a different route to try and cut the time down, which in hindsight was foolish but my path to Enlightenment is that much clearer because of it. 458 more words


For the past several days, the news media has shown us pictures of public demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri. An appropriate question to ask is on what subject were the Ferguson residents’ demonstration trying to bring attention to? 499 more words


Jewish group shocked to discover French hamlet named 'Death to the Jews'

A prominent Jewish group devoted to fighting anti-Semitism says it is “shocking” that the French hamlet La-Mort-aux-Juifs has not been forced to change its offensive name yet, which translates to “Death to the Jews.” 502 more words