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Dear Fellow Caucasians

Dear fellow caucasians,

Even though it’s a rather infrequent phenomenon, there’s something that some of you (not all, but some) do to me that really pisses me off: You say things about other races that you would never say to somebody who belongs to the particular race you are speaking of to me. 286 more words

Jonathan Kay: Stop calling people 'racialized minorities.' It's silly and cynical

“Very few immigrants — who make up 46% of population — hold senior positions in business, politics or civil society. Racialized Torontonians — as they call themselves — are disproportionately poor, underemployed and socially isolated.” 692 more words

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This Black-on-Black hatred is getting really boring

A while ago I wrote post on ‘Being Black As An Identity’, in which I argued several points on skin-lightening as a consequence of… 1,210 more words

"Where are you From?"

“Where are you from?”

Who’d think that question could be so loaded? At a conference I attended last weekend, one of the presenters discussed this very question, a question that I believe ALL people of colour living in the West have been asked at one time or another. 791 more words


I Rather Stay With People Of My Own Kind

Once I watched a TV show where a vegan woman was saying that she only hanged out with other vegans and couldn’t spend her time with people who did not share her same ideas on nutrition. 348 more words


Beauty and my cell phone.

Ah, yesh. For the first time in a week I am writing an actual post on my actual computer, though I do hope at least a few of you have enjoyed my poorly spelled foray into cell phone land.   1,206 more words