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'Die in' rally held at U.S. Embassy (with video)

A small group of local students staged a “die in” demonstration Wednesday in support of protests in the United States over allegations of police racism and violence. 249 more words

Local News

All lives matter

Except, of course, when they don’t. That seems to be the case at one northeastern university where a professor came under fire and subsequently apologized for including that phrase in a recent e-mail. 68 more words

Racial Issues

Dear Us

This is a poem inspired by recent events.

Can you hear
Their souls cry out for justice?
But can you hear
Their blood cry out for peace? 211 more words

My Heart

Why Should You Help Change Race?

Because race is a social construction that does nothing but hurt society. Society created race, and all it does is divide us, humans, into different categories. 330 more words


Social Disparity

Think about a time in middle or high school, or maybe even elementary school, when you were in trouble and received a punishment. Now, think about your societal race. 434 more words


Cultural Appropriation IS Racism

Cultural Appropriation is the practice of taking prominent symbols from a culture, not of your own, and using those symbols as if they are your own or from your culture. 351 more words


White Privilege and Reality

Two years ago I can remember partaking in a conversation about race. My current roommate at the time, I’ll call her Sam, tried explaining to me an instance her African American friend faced injustice because of her race. 596 more words