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Review: Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley

Being a child of the seventies, much of what I know about the Civil Rights Era comes from books that I’ve read. And there’s always an inherent risk that what I’m reading isn’t true to fact or is too preachy. 455 more words

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Jonathan Kay: The one place in Canada where racism is still tolerated: native reserves

Hold the front page: In a throwback to the pre-Civil Rights era, a small community in Quebec is enforcing a racist law that serves to expel any resident couple that is found to be of mixed race. 678 more words

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Swim With Me?

I grew up in St. Joseph, Missouri, San Francisco, and Shawnee, Kansas. These three places are drastically different from one another for several reasons. Besides having superior barbecue, in Kansas and Missouri my neighborhoods were almost entirely made up of Caucasian people. 580 more words

Racial Issues in Southern Illinois University

There seems to be an outburst of racial tension and aggression, around Illinois southern university of champagne. When the school Chancellor chose to not call off school during a severe weather day, some of the students became extremely aggressive and racist over the social media site, Twitter.  480 more words

Atlanta Hawks' co-owner Levenson to sell team following racist email

By Charles Odum

ATLANTA — Atlanta Hawks co-owner Bruce Levenson said Sunday he is selling his controlling interest in the team, in part due to an inflammatory email he said he wrote in an attempt “to bridge Atlanta’s racial sports divide.” 1,070 more words


Racism is still a problem in the Great White North

I am Canadian.

This statement is more than a declaration of citizenship. There are many positive stereotypes that accompany it, including assumptions that I must be a beer-drinking, hockey-loving, cold-braving, diversity-loving, multicultural peace-keeper. 751 more words