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"Did Somebody Say Mulatto?" Watch the Full Dear White People Trailer Here!

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know about Dear White People, a satire about the experiences of black students at predominantly-white institutions (or PWIs). 268 more words


Symphony No.3: Coloured Musicians in White spaces Appreciation Post


POC = People Of Color (non-whites)

People of color are constantly criticized for their choices,especially when they are not conforming to stereotypes of their race.There is little representation of colored people in the media,therefore this leads people to believe that there is a cookie cutter image that all POC to follow.In music,the cookie cutter image for black consumers is “listens rap/reggae/r&b” and for a black musician,there is always space for them in  the “urban” category. 576 more words



Check out the link and watch the video below. Finally, the perfect term for when white people “discover” things!

Columbusing is what they call it. HA! 8 more words


Thad Cochran, the GOP Establishment, and Racial Politics

If you weren’t sure who the “establishment” was in the GOP, then if you were following the US Senate primary run-off in Mississippi between incumbent Thad Cochran and Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel, you found out to stunning effect. 750 more words

We only understand half of what's going on episode

Click here to listen:


Hello all,

Some movie trailers are so explicit you know exactly what is going to happen. I bet in Transformers there are always going to be Transformers. 130 more words

Synthetic Race and Modernity (Part 3)

Clearly the overall social context we find ourselves in makes it difficult to resolve persistent issues regarding racial injustice. Therefore, in order to most effectively mete out justice to various races, our social framework must be revised. 909 more words

How the Left Ceded the Moral High Ground

For those who self-identify as liberals, things were simpler in the 1960s and 70s. The left had an easy claim to the moral high ground then, embracing the Civil Rights movement against racist segregationists, fueling a feminist agenda against transparently sexist cultural formations, advocating freedom from conventional constraints, and deploying Gandhi’s principles of non-violence against the war-makers in Vietnam. 1,046 more words

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