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Ban Bossy: When Good Liberals Go Bad

I understand that our culture still has residual messaging that favors boys in leadership roles. I don’t worry about this so much in surface cultural productions, which overcompensate to the point that every action movie must have the requisite 110-pound female who destroys linebacker males in hand-to-hand combat. 547 more words


The Curious Case of Mythic Racism

I am currently reading Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire. This masterful work lays bare the means by which those who are oppressed must free themselves from the tyranny of their oppressors. 417 more words


“We are in America, where our absence of virtue is presumed, and we must eat disrespect in sight of our sons. And who can be mad in America?

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Art, Documentary, or News: Photography and Racial Politics

That title suggests a lot, I know. These are amazing times online. There are at any point, almost surely simultaneous, multiple battles occurring in larger cultural wars over things like racial and sexual politics. 403 more words

Street Photography

ESPN Commentator Makes the Case For Reason Over Emotion

Here’s Stephen A Smith making a boatload of sense on the subject of the tendency for people to react to news stories (or politicians, or anything else, for that matter) according to their race. 281 more words


What is this "satire" you speak of?

Our most prominent satirist these days is Stephen Colbert, who plays an ignorant conservative pundit so clueless he doesn’t realize he is saying things that help his opponents. 250 more words