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Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. week, and may you honestly and courageously address your local racial troubles

Since being humbled last week by that high school student, I’ve tried not to “go on” so much, as in try to bend the discussion toward my pet subjects and let on about my personal philosophy under the heading “some people believe” or “What do you think of the view that…” Today I felt more professional in my demeanor, just trying to make sure these sixth graders understood the concepts–what the different types of industrial power generating facilities were, how they worked, and the pros and cons. 1,251 more words

Education And Schooling

Our Lives Begin to End...

Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday we celebrate today, had far more than just a dream for America. And every part of his life and legacy are essential to understand the depth of his courage, the essence of his activism and his message that knows no borders. 241 more words



One of my favorite and highly decorated Oscar-winning actor with  lots  of awards… Mr  Kevin Costner.

He tackles some hard-core truth about race relations. He is one of the few who didn’t mind being open about his upbringing with the ignorance within his race… then and now in this country. 115 more words

Think Before You Speak

Often confusion, conflicts, and misunderstandings are caused simply because people don’t think before they open their mouth!
Understanding is one of the best things you can have in this world! 194 more words


Observations on the old year and prognostications for the new

There was precious little in the way of noteworthy events in 2014. Outside of a bit of Russian saber rattling, it’s hard to see where anything that happened will make a good and memorable inflection point for history. 4,259 more words


#P5: What concerns you?

Pastor’s Five:

“The righteous is concerned for the rights of the poor, the wicked does not understand such concern.” Proverbs 29:7, NASB

Tim Keller said in his book, … 513 more words