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This is my Story (Part 3): Returning to Cape Town

Coming back to my new home was just what I needed, I thought. Resuming my studies and getting back to my safe and standard daily routine. 836 more words

Clayton Allen Jr., Partiot

Clayton Allen, Jr. you are a true American patriot. Thank you. It is encouraging to know that respectful young men still exist. Be proud of your parents and yourself, it is sad to say that you seem to be a rare representation of what America was once. 154 more words


Offensive Terms

Tosh.0. Is is racist? People look for reasons to be offended. Hilarious.


Racial Relations in Italy: What I’ve Learned So Far

Italians are notoriously proud of their culture and for good reasons; they serve up some of the best food the world has to offer, speak the closest living language to Latin and thrive on religion, soccer and family.  679 more words

"Redskins", the N word, and Liberalism in America

Here’s a plot twist: two blogs in one!

And very important ones I might add, and hold tight ‘cause it’s gonna be a long read. But before I go into race and politics, I have to address something really important. 2,257 more words

The Right Direction

Recently the NFL put the wheels in motion to put a rule in place to penalize anyone that uses the “N” word in the field of play. 317 more words