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Frazier Glenn Miller and American Ethnocentrism as Perpetuated by Media

For anyone who doesn’t know, there was a shooting spree that left three dead outside of two Jewish Community Centers in Kansas City. The man to blame, Frazier Glenn Miller, former “grand dragon” of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and leader of the White Patriot Party, has a… 617 more words

How American films use black cops for comic relief

If you’re a black cop in an American movie, you’re a lot more likely to end up squatting on a toilet with a bomb in it than… 441 more words

Revised Pre-Release to Not Include Part II

Part II is being excluded from today’s pre-release because it contains some language which might be extremely inappropriate for certain audiences and can create racial tension. 57 more words


Character Development - Autumn Star & Michael Cartwright

Autumn Star is Laura Autumn’s mother, and is actually named Autumn Lee, but since she is a full blooded Cherokee Indian, she uses her Indian name of Autumn Star.  268 more words


If You Describe Your Nemesis' Skin Color, You're A Racist

In my short time as a writer on Thought Catalog, I have learned how hypersensitive and rabid, to every minute detail, the all-knowing internet can be to any form of expression it doesn’t agree with. 812 more words

Sara Nile's Story: from 1957 in the Garden of Eden, into the fire

Chapter 1

The Garden of Eden

From Torn From the Inside Out  Sara Niles

 Thunder rattled the window- panes two stories high and lightning split the sky; it was as if the whole world was in turmoil that night. 3,931 more words

Social Issues

My Drudge Summary and more

Restaurants are now charging customers a surcharge to compensate for Obamski care.


Quote from Moochelle

“Tell him he could get hit by a car. It’s crazy.

457 more words