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Absolute bliss

The myth: ignorance of racism. Well, within that state of bliss there’s the failure to recognize how much race has been included in the process of socialization. 300 more words

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Racial Issues in Southern Illinois University

There seems to be an outburst of racial tension and aggression, around Illinois southern university of champagne. When the school Chancellor chose to not call off school during a severe weather day, some of the students became extremely aggressive and racist over the social media site, Twitter.  480 more words

Hate Crime

Watch "Bill Cosby - Up from Slavery (The Truth)" on YouTube

In the following, Bill Cosby talks about an aspect of slavery that I know I wasn’t aware of… share your thoughts

Bill Cosby – Up from Slavery (The Truth): … 6 more words

Racial Tension

The State of America: Remove the Stigma to Ease American Racial Tension

What does the average non-Black American envision when he or she hears the term ‘Black America’?

Most likely, he or she envisions single mothers, men with several children of whom they never visit, rap artists whose dreams have never come to fruition, men who are great at sports but lack traditional academic knowledge, young men and women who did not graduate high school or barely met the standards with a ‘C’ average, overweight women and overweight men who live in constant denial of the truth, men and women with no interest in subjects outside of entertainment and sports, average men and women, gangs and violence, imprisonment, and ignorance in religion. 636 more words

Is It in the Genes?

Can you figure out what I’m referring to in the following poem? It’s a big misconception many folks.

What’s the basis of that perception?
All the hate since my conception? 101 more words

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I'm Black by Sho Baraka

Sho Baraka – I’m Black (A Word From Tom Ason) Lyrics

Artist: Sho Baraka has a spoken word piece about being black. The confidence of identity isn’t in the color of is skin but in something greater. 236 more words

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As I walked through the Apartheid Museum a man stopped to make conversation – he wanted to discuss the parallels between race in South Africa and that in the United States. 248 more words