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Life is like a Box of Crayons

No matter your age there is nothing quite like opening a box of new crayons and spend time enhancing the pages of a new coloring book. 448 more words

Racial Tensions Fueled by Manifest Destiny

The racial tensions we’ve seen brewing in America have been here since the Europeans first stepped foot on this land. The original people welcomed them and were willing to share everything because there was more than enough for everyone. 563 more words

Healing in Ferguson

Upon further reflection a few additional things need to be said about the distrust that permeates Ferguson Missouri. First, Michael Brown’s parents have suffered a horrible loss – a loss most of us cannot even imagine. 239 more words

Guilt, privilege, and questions I was afraid to ask.

Last night fire swept through the streets

Climbed the walls,

The rugs racism has been swept under,

Heavy.  Burning.

I am white,

And I am guilty. 151 more words


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Ferguson: A Black & White Conversation

A conversation I read online between two humans trying to understand each other and what has happened. A little more talking, and trying, and understanding will make a better world. 733 more words


Java and Jokes On Hold

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and everything is¬†wrong.¬†It’s obvious that I can no longer say nothing. It’s obvious that I can no longer be ignorant. 460 more words