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The Cloven States of America

  Introducing The Great United Democratic Republic of My Pants

You have to be careful not to take the names of countries at face value. Take The Peoples Republic of China. 689 more words

The Real Issue In Ferguson, Missouri

Bill Whittle simply and factually gives a great rundown on what is really at stake in Ferguson, Missouri.


The Politics of Ferguson

You may not like politics, but it’s still going to affect every aspect of your life, so get involved.
The Politics of Ferguson MO:
I am sure that you have seen some of the images coming out of this community. 167 more words

Expectations: Eric Holder Almost Gives the Ferguson Race Speech Obama Couldn't

By Arit John

AP Photo

The same supporters of President Obama who were frustrated with the president’s failure to say something meaningful about race in Ferguson will likely find solace in Attorney General Eric Holder’s comments Wednesday. 367 more words

Really! CNN Anchor Suggests Using Water Cannons On Ferguson’s Protestors

In a televised segment about the ongoing protests in Ferguson, Miss., over the brutal execution of 18-year-old teen Michael Brown, CNN’s international anchor, Rosemary Church… 246 more words


Macy's to pay $650,000 for racial profiling

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Macy’s must pay a $650,000 fine to settle complaints that it’s staffers wrongfully accused minority shoppers of stealing.

New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman started to investigate Macy’s, which has 42 stores in New York State, in February 2013 after receiving complaints about racial profiling. 153 more words


POTUS’ Press Conferences On Ferguson: It’s Time To Talk Racism

Whenever a story centered on race, or better yet, racism reaches the national media, those looking for President Barack Obama to address the situation are met with a singular question: “What do you expect Obama to do?” It is a question that is as ardent as it is asinine and is an inquiry prefaced on the notion that the most-powerful man in the world is impotent when it comes to instances of hatred and horror taking place on the very land that is the source of his power. 831 more words