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race depression

I have depression.
I am young and black.

These two basic truths of my existence do not directly correlate, nor did the latter clearly cause the former. 1,166 more words

Where are the Black DREAMERS ? Vol 48

If you find yourself looking more and more at the obits, you must be a Boomer !

Occasionally, we fight amounst ourselves. Like any family, clan, or tribe, its up to leadership to eventually wade in, institute a stop to the argument, and find an equitable solution. 857 more words

Life Accomplishments

Red 2005 Monte Carlo Replica Returned

My son got his toy car back today. I had to complain to the principal. As I said before, I already tried to go in there nicely and… 349 more words

Mental Health

Once Again a Slave

America has, once again, been thrown into an undoubtedly racially charged storm of turmoil due the inappropriate acts of a few indecent men in Ferguson and St. 1,026 more words

It's not always racism

Yesterday, I wrote about how we should not listen to white people when they say it’s not about racism, because they’re not the “experts” who really experience it. 368 more words

Racial Politics


This 1931 large pamphlet is from “The Catholic Board for Mission Work Among the Colored People” and is titled “OUR COLORED MISSIONS” with the subtitle “JESUS DIED FOR ALL”.   134 more words


Challenge to White Folks: Take The Black Girl Dangerous White Privilege Bucket Challenge

I was recently challenged by a dear friend to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Coming from this friend, the challenge was particularly poignant considering that her father was recently diagnosed with ALS, and just watching the video where she challenged me brought me to tears. 1,165 more words