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This may sound like a really bizarre article, mainly because it’s like “what’s the big deal? Stop being a moany old woman!” However, being mixed race was not as common or necessarily accepted when I was growing up. 1,282 more words


If you support racist systems, guess what? You're kinda racist.

It’s Time for Whites to Accept Responsibility for Racist Systems | TIME.

Powerful essay from Jim Wallis on Time.com.

To my white brothers and sisters: you can’t continue to say you are not racist when you continue to accept and support systems that are.

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YouTube pranksters expose police racial profiling in NY

YouTube pranksters expose police racial profiling in NY — RT USA.


October 21, 2014

Screenshot from YouTube user TrueStoryASA

Two YouTube pranksters have staged a small experiment- in one case they wore western clothes and argued in front of policeman who said nothing. 431 more words


Charles Mingus - Fables Of Faubus

In 1957, Arkansas governor Orval E. Faubus used the National Guard to prevent some African American teenagers from attending a high school populated by white students. 71 more words


You don’t eat with chopsticks?

“You’re not very chinky.” “Oh yeah, that’s cause you’re Asian.” “What do you eat? Normal food too?” “Teach me your language…doesn’t sound very Asian.” “Teach me Karate.” “Do you know Kung Fu?” “How do you eat with chopsticks? 460 more words

Burst Of Thought

Trying to diminish my own racism...

I continue to have all sorts of racist inclinations and negative stereotypes against the Roma people.  I seriously worry that they’ll mess up Europe.  (I don’t live in or even frequently VISIT Europe!) Nonetheless, the more I learn of Roma history and suffering, the more my bigotry is diluted with compassion and a sense of camaraderie

Better Angels

#UKIPCalypso is about as racist as ordering a black coffee. Pick your battles

The title of this piece likely means more to me than it does you. Whilst at unviersity, I had a debate on Facebook with an SU officer about racism in today’s society and one helpful contributor suggested that ordering a ‘black coffee’ was nowadays, racist. 833 more words