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Multi-layered Lenses

Identifying as a mixed race individual is slightly queer, that is, a little different from the “norm.”  As a mixed race individual, I occupy a rather odd place in society.   927 more words


'Democrat voters are racist?' Joan Walsh's praise for Mary Landrieu's southern voter 'truth' backfires

In an interview with NBC News, incumbent Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu was asked why President Obama is having a hard time in the state. Landrieu… 418 more words

US Politics

Roma and segration in Italy

Here’s a recent story out of Italy about one mayor’s quest to put Roma on separate buses in one Italian town. Check it out here.

Sen. Landrieu Exposes a Nerve

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu has upset some folks in her home state of Louisiana, mainly Republicans. It appears that, in an interview with NBC News on Thursday, Landrieu eluded to racism as an underlying reason for President Obama’s unpopularity in Louisiana, where she’s running for re-election. 259 more words

YWN Endorsement of James Sears

In it’s recent election issue, YWN endorsed a guy named James Sears on almost every page. Sears is a disgraced former doctor who lost his medical license… 689 more words

Your Ward News

Seumas Milne and the 'Multipolar World': Clutching at Straws.

Seumas Milne‘s Multipolar World. 

On parts of the left a theory has gradually developed that an emerging “multi-polar world” is the best defence against American-led imperialism. 1,948 more words

European Left

‘Death to Arabs’ Sprayed on Mixed Palestinian-Jewish School

Similar vandalism found in nearby shopping area

By Times of Israel staff

A bilingual Hebrew-Arabic school in Jerusalem discovered Thursday morning it had been vandalized with anti-Arab graffiti. 140 more words