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Ranch 9: Understanding

Written on 11 April 2014 at Mother Road Brewery

As I was tormented today with fears of unconscious, internalized ‘isms,’ I began reading a book on the very concept of compassion, humanity, and socio-personal distinctions in a society, as defined by a species and leader. 754 more words


Southwestern Sociological Association Distinguished Paper of the Year Award to Embrick and Henricks

David Embrick and Kasey Henricks’s article “Discursive Colorlines at Work: How Epithets and Stereotypes are Racially Unequal” published in Symbolic Interaction (Volume 36, Issue 2) has won the “The Distinguished Paper of the Year” award of the Southwestern Sociological Association. 321 more words


Is this racist? (これ、差別的かな??)

I really have no clue. I think I’m too distracted by the utter awfulness of this musical crime against humanity. Can we really give Lavigne that much credit? 355 more words


Clive Bundy's Racist Meltdown

Nevada rancher Clive Bundy–Sean Hannity’s hero, the Tea Party’s id, and the latest cause celebre on Fox News–has just had his predictable meltdown, expressing overtly racist sentiments to a… 205 more words

The right to be a bigot - Australian Racial discrimination law.

I am NO kind of conservative, and am very much against racism and bigotry in all of its forms, but in the name of freedom of expression I support the right of Australian racists and bigots of all kinds to publicly declare their views without fear of legal prosecution. 910 more words


Confirmed: Democrat Party’s Demonization of White America & Radical Agenda Is Pushing White Voters to GOP in Droves

It’s a good thing Democrats have a growing number of minority voters, many new to the country who don’t know any better, or they would be obliterated in national elections. 275 more words