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Context, context, context


Real estate agents are famous for saying location is everything. “Location, location, location,” is their cry. If anthropologists have a similar mantra, it’s “context, context, context.” Culture is context. 127 more words


The Curious Case Of Louisiana State Rep. Katrina Jackson

In recent years, there has been a considerable amount of discussion about how many African Americans agreed with Republicans “on the issues” but still voted Democrat because of the racism that has been pervasive throughout the Republican party for the last half century. 786 more words

Dark Places

The neonazi party Svenskarnas parti (Party of the Swedes) are quite new in Sweden but are candidates for national elections this fall. Most Swedes had not heard of them until some of their members… 905 more words


Does Resurrection Got a Ghetto?

It ain’t right but it’s long overdue
We can’t have peace til the n*gg*z get a piece too
I want G’s so you label me a criminal…

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A Socialist South

The Southern states are among the poorest in America.
The worst education systems, the highest unemployment, the highest percentage of teen pregnancies, and the most churches per capita! 225 more words

Racism, Ignorance and CNN

The benefit of a communications degree from a liberal school in the very liberal Bay Area is being forced to look at national media with a critical eye. 373 more words


An Open Letter to Fantasy Writers

Someday I would like to teach a course on writing fantasy.

We wouldn’t talk that much about writing–any creative writing course could teach my students those skills. 547 more words