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Do You Speak English?

After an absence of almost two years from the cinema, my friends convinced me to go see the film Jump 22 Street. If there is one thing about me, I tend to get agitated over issues most of my friends would never care about. 541 more words

Why National Socialism is NOT racist

Suzanne (Erika Hazarhun aka Gatia Ilene Love Osh aka Spookiecat)! Instead of harassing and abusing us educate yourself about the truth, you hideous psychopath…

The enemies of National Socialism did everything to create and link us to a picture of ignorant and prejudiced. 2,540 more words


I hope that this is an honest account of who James Brown was.  As unbelievable as it is to so many. He was apart of the Civil Rights Movement participating in many rallies.   19 more words

Interracial Dating: Nicely or Nasty?

It is the year 2014 and interracial couples are now more apparent than ever, you can’t even be in a classroom without having at least one other member of a diverse ethnic group. 579 more words


8 Things White People Really Need to Understand About Race

When I recently read this fantastic article from Jamelle Bouie entitled Why Do Millenials Not Understand Racism?, I couldn’t help but think it didn’t go far enough. 880 more words


So there's this documentary...

…and it’s called New Kentucky Home. I made it while I was in college. It’ll be screened at the Iroquois Library on Saturday, August 16th, at 1pm… 9 more words


A Jewish voice on Gaza

DN! interviewed Henry Siegman, a rabbi that represents strong Jewish organizations and what he had to say regarding the bombing of Gaza will blow you away. 295 more words