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Football Disappoints whether we like it or not, but who's really surprised?

For a game so profoundly beautiful, football has a propensity to disappoint. Such is the profound shame of recent events that at times like this, it seems impossible that the sport we love so much will ever pull us back in. 664 more words

Truth vs. Meaning - When rubber bullets aren't rubber, or bullets

This piece was originally posted on Wednesday, November 19,  on the Center For Story Based Strategy blog, where I am currently a Worker Justice Fellow.  198 more words


"It’s Not Just Ferguson – It’s All Of America": The Drift Towards Police As Warrior Cops Instead Of Guardians Of The People

There’s a very good chance that your local police arrest black Americans at a rate more disproportional than in Ferguson, MO, where the police killing of unarmed Michael Brown unleashed decades of anger over police abuse. 1,353 more words


Study Shows ‘Black’ Versus ‘African American’ to Whites is Negative

New research suggests the racial labels conjure up very different images.

White Americans are fine with African-Americans. Blacks, however, are a different story.

That’s the disturbing implication of a new study, which finds the way a person of color is labeled can impact how he or she is perceived. 470 more words


[hwahyt-wosh] – A ColorED(less) Journey

Part II

 As I Watched the movie “Dear White People” I had a significant response to the character, Colandrea Conners a.k.a “CoCo”.
There was just something about her that I disliked, loathed, and just could NOT digest. 1,503 more words


I’m Black: Truth Does Not Matter

The race war imposed on Ferguson, Missouri,[1] is emblematic of how racism pervades the modern-day civil rights movement as led by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other race-mongers, 1,050 more words

"Simple Minded Darkies"...

The excuses as to why black folks won’t vote for Republicans should be a American Horror Story franchise, all on their own. Projection isn’t just something done in theaters… 394 more words

Stupid Republican Tricks