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A Contemplation on the Racism of Malaysia

I do not posses a certified acknowledgement from any higher education institutions on my understandings of politics, sociology or history, neither do I have any status in the society concerned with material wealth and titles of nobility. 4,522 more words

Mr. Nobody

CNN's Cuomo deletes misspelled protest sign pic after backlash [photo]

It didn’t take long. In fact Cuomo already deleted the tweet due to the backlash.

As eager as the media is to jump on anything they can possibly construe to be racism, you would think Chris Cuomo would have known better. 183 more words


Fake Verbal Harassment of Muslim Man

FYI: where videos have been credibly debunked, I will be focusing less on the assessment of authenticity and more on other issues.

Short version: No deception of readers as to nature of video – but I question whether people not around during the punch in the face were advised that they had participated in a “social experiment” and advised of the deception.  57 more words


On Ferguson: A Call to Medicine

There is little to say once you’ve said this before. Although the sadness brings fresh tears, they are also old tears. The grief becomes familiar and so to the inevitable resumption of everyday life. 775 more words

Community Speaks

Keeping It 100 - #Ferguson

Written By:  Katherine Deen




Even though I don’t live in Ferguson, Missouri, let alone the United States of America, I definitely have strong feelings and opinions about the events that happened yesterday evening. 420 more words


I lied, I have a little more to say...

…about Ferguson. But not really about Ferguson, and really the last post wasn’t about it either. It’s not really about race, or crime, or justice. It’s about humans. 367 more words

Commentaries And Discussions

5 Things That Make More Sense Than Ferguson

No matter your stance on the events in Ferguson, Missouri, you have to admit that the trial was unusual. Not only is it rare for a grand jury to decline an indictment, it is rare for them to decide whether a person is innocent or guilty. 476 more words