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As you sit and watch the western mainstream media machine going into overdrive, attempting to deflect from, and even justify the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians – citizen Journalists and the Alternative Media is bringing the horrific truth to the fore. 574 more words


Unstereotyping India

Social diversity has always been the stand out attribute of India. But people here have hard time being an Indian over their regional identity. We are trying to take a humble step towards curbing regional insecurities which people express by stereotyping others. 118 more words



To choose to read something based on the gender or race of the person who wrote it is “ist”.

I knew a lady who is a lesbian who only read books written by women. 146 more words


Are You a Racist?

This is from The Real Side.

Are you a racist? Yes, you are. Good, I have your attention. I just wanted to see if I could get your attention by calling you a racist, since it’s what everyone else does. 1,037 more words

So You Wanna Join A Band?

I’ve decided to start a series of band tips. I figure my band is successful enough and I’ve learned enough that I have some wisdom to pass on. 502 more words


The 21 Counter-points to "7 Facts About Operation Protective Edge"

The Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently published on his YouTube account a video entitled “7 Facts About Operation Protective Edge“.

This video claims to highlight 7 ‘facts’ or what Israel claims to be 7 facts about… 1,442 more words

Israel/Palestine Conflict

Sex with a racist redneck

The very last time I had sex with Trouble came when I was pet sitting for a friend and invited him over. The first thing appearance-wise that I did not find attractive was his Barney purple muscle shirt. 351 more words