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Looking Indian at La Chapelle.

La Chapelle is a Parisian neighbourhood, in the 18th district, North-East of the city. It is crowded, colourful, cosmopolitan, and, depending on the time of the day, slightly chaotic. 454 more words

Nothing To Lose.

Dat Ish He Don't Like: Chief Keef Uses Racial Slur

Chief Keef has completely dissed the new regime of Interscope, calling them “WhiteHonkies.”

The man known has Sosa has never been one to mince words and that was no exception on twitter after the AllHipHop breaking news that he had been dropped. 53 more words

Showtime Says

If you support racist systems, guess what? You're kinda racist.

It’s Time for Whites to Accept Responsibility for Racist Systems | TIME.

Powerful essay from Jim Wallis on Time.com.

To my white brothers and sisters: you can’t continue to say you are not racist when you continue to accept and support systems that are.

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Who Are The Racists: Conservatives Or Liberals?

Racism is thrown around much too often these days – primarily by the political left- as a way to slander, intimidate, and stifle debate. Here in a newly-released Prager University course, I examine three issues in which the political left accuses conservatives of racism and why, it is the left who are the ones who are the ones preoccupied by race rather than conservatives.


Texas Voter ID Law Is Racist...?

Before we get too worked up about this, let me ask something:

Even though African Americans are 305% and Hispanics are 195% less likely of having one of the seven permitted forms of ID for voting, are African Americans or Hispanics somehow restricted from GETTING one of these forms of ID? 398 more words



Serena has spoken out on the purnishment meted to the president of the Russian Tennis Federation for the racist and inappropriate remarks he made about her and her sister Venus on television, stating  198 more words


It is going to get messy in Ferguson, Mo!

The cop who fatally shot unarmed teen Michael Brown set off a wave of protests in Ferguson, Mo.— all because he told investigators he feared for his life when he pulled the trigger that killed the unarmed teen. 168 more words