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The Level Playing Field

This seems to me to be a central part of our racial problems.

The problem is that so many Americans believe there IS a level playing field. 282 more words

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Thoughts From a Friend

The following post is not by me. I did not write this, but man I wish I did. A friend of mine, Bryan Reed wrote the following. 1,216 more words


Happy Destroy Amerikkka Day

I’ll drink,eat and dance to that all day and everyday………

Racist coffee table

Who doesn’t want to look into the upturned, pleading eyes of a slave whenever they put their mug of tea on the coffee table?

Then again – why settle for just one pair of eyes? 46 more words


Build Up

It was the beginning of August when a young man, barely ripe enough to be called “legal”, was shot. Some say in brutality, others say it was for a good reason. 583 more words

Telling People They Sound Racist Can Be Awkward. Here's What You Should Do.

Whether you’re addressing your least favorite uncle, a childhood friend or just a stranger at a bar, telling someone he or she sounds racist isn’t always the easiest thing to do — but then again, neither is listening to racist word vomit. 69 more words


Dear Fellow White People, Shut the Fuck Up (or, thoughts on coded racist language in the wake of Ferguson)

First off: I’m a white guy, and the world doesn’t need more white guys opining and sharing their feelings and making things about them right now, so I’m going to try hard not to do that. 1,700 more words