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The African American from Jamaica who loves Kool-Aid

There is some serious shit happening in Ferguson. The serious shit isn’t really about this one black kid named Michael Brown being shot by this one white police officer named Darren Wilson. 1,072 more words

Racist, sexist St. Louis County cop suspended - finally!

Domestic violence? “If you don’t like each other that much, just kill each other and get it over with…”

Officer Dan Page was outed as a racist extremist after video of his speech at an Oath Keepers meeting went viral Friday…A St.

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Lets SERVE and Not Protect Our Officers?

If I had never met a police officer and had to rely on many of the comments that people post on social media in response to news stories I would think that a police officer is a racist robot with a screwy moral compass. 419 more words

Life Experiences

Report: ISIS terrorists split woman in two with cars, bury Yazidis alive

August 19, 2014

Stories of atrocities being committed by ISIS terrorists have been coming out of Iraq and Syria for some time, with each report somewhat worse than the one preceding it. 433 more words



The unarmed St Louis Missouri Black teen Michael Brown that was shot dead by white cop Darren Wilson on 9 August was laid to rest Monday. 76 more words


White supremacist home schooling

So here’s the most horrible thing I’ve found in a while: White Pride Homeschooling. I don’t even want to give their page the extra traffic, so I’m linking to an archived version of their website (from August 2014). 1,118 more words


Petition: GoFundMe Profiting Off of ‘Racially Motivated Donors?’

While its hard to argue the fact that the emergence of online fundraising sites have changed the way we view the potential to pay for things we may never have been able to before, GoFundMe, the world’s #1 personal fundraising site, may have crossed a line with this one. 482 more words