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Ukip; Has Nigel Farage sat down with Claire Khaw

Last weekend Kerry Smith was outed as an idiot. The reverberations have lasted the week and today Nigel Farage was on LBC defending his use the word Chinky. 264 more words

INFOGRAPHIC: The Places Where Racism Hits Hardest

42% of Americans say racism is a problem where they live. Tweet this

Females between the age of 35-54 are the group most likely to notice racism. 67 more words


Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell duke it out on The View over Racism, America and Homosexuality

Breitbart News: Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” a heated exchange over racism in America devolved into an all out shouting match when co-host Whoopi Goldberg insisted that it is not racist, just simply ignorant, to mistake a minority as a working person. 81 more words


If you're mad about the new 'Annie' starring Quvenzhane Wallis, you're probably a … movie critic

As if Sony didn’t have enough problems at the moment, the reviews are rolling in for “Annie,” and they’re not good. Review aggregation site Metacritic currently pegs the film at 31 out of 100, while Rotten Tomatoes currently rates it “rotten” at 19 percent, with 56 negative reviews counted so far. 572 more words


The Grey scale Media

The Media is one of the most dominant medium of communication, as it is a huge platform in gaining knowledge, marketing and advertising, political and social awareness, and more benefits that we can muster and use for our convenience. 469 more words