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Take control / forgot passphrase, here is the steps to follow

Easily reset your SharePoint Passphrase

$passphrase = ConvertTo-SecureString -String "mySharePoint2010password" -asPlainText -Force Set-SPPassPhrase -PassPhrase $passphrase -Confirm


2014 Future of Cloud Computing Survey

Fantastic 124 slide presentation on the Future of the Cloud.  Excellent analysis, proof points, slide graphics etc.  Definately worth a look if your job depends or is related to Cloud Computing.    70 more words

Cloud Computing

DigitalOcean+CoreOS+Docker:このフレッシュ・トリオが 大変革を引き起こす!

Hot cloud DigitalOcean throws its support behind the Docker-friendly CoreOS operating system
September 5, 2014 – Jordan Novet

Cloud providers — those companies that store remote data — are coming around to welcome a new kind of operating system, one that updates itself not unlike Google Chrome browser. 271 more words


Leading experts bare all about the DevOps movement

The DevOps movement is rising, and an increasing number of IT professionals are keen to adopt this new way of working in order to achieve optimum collaboration between their Development and Operations departments. 350 more words


Cloud computing makes for some strange bedfellows

Last week there was so much going on at AWS Re:invent, I missed a lot — even some eyebrow-raising stuff. Like for instance, that OpenStack-oriented… 794 more words

Recent Rackspace study shows businesses adopting DevOps practices at a remarkable rate

What do you think – is Devops just a fad or is it here to stay? Well, Rackspace recently commissioned independent technology market research specialist Vanson Bourne to conduct this piece of research and answer that very question. 311 more words


Jakub Krajčovič: "Keď budem cítiť, že môžem niečo zmeniť, tak sa vrátim!"

Uspeli vo svete, doma ich nepoznáme! Každú stredu v premiére (repríza v sobotu) predstavujem na Rádiu Expres Slovákov, ktorí žijú v zahraničí. Svoje tipy mi môžete posielať na  3,485 more words