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Adding instances to multiple host groups using the Ansible rax module

We use the Ansible rax module to create new instances of our “cloud servers”. It’s pretty easy to add them to one group:

- name: Build a Cloud Server
        module: rax
        name: rax-test1
        wait: yes
        state: present
          - private
          - public
        group: app-servers
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IBM SoftLayer will now rent you bare metal servers by the hour

IBM’s SoftLayer cloud unit is now offering bare metal servers by the hour, starting at just under $0.47 per hour for a 3.4 GHz Xeon 1270 server with 8GB of RAM. 428 more words

Why Rackspace stock tumbled even after beating expectations

It’s been almost three months since managed-cloud and hosting provider Rackspace said it’s considering acquisition offers and other proposals, and we got no hint that a deal was in the works during the company’s quarterly call with analysts yesterday. 263 more words


Rackspace shows revenue growth in a quarter where price cutting was rampant

Rackspace (s rax) execs said the company’s second-quarter results back up their bet that Rackspace can compete with lower-cost public cloud providers. The company offers basic, unadorned Infastructure as a Service but stresses service- and support-backed “managed” cloud as well. 688 more words

Amazon Web Services

AWS Dying! Rackspace Pulls Out Of Cloud! News At 11!

Boy, it’s been quite a week for the cloud-schadenfreude crowd. If you listen to the various news outlets, apparently Rackspace has given up on cloud and Amazon is in free-fall. 1,279 more words