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Amazon continues to reach into your server room

Microsoft already has a huge presence in most companies’ server rooms. And it hopes to keep it that way or at least, persuade those companies running Windows Server, SQL Server et al. 525 more words

B2T vs. B2D - Why Tape Backups Should be Excommunicated

It’s 2015, but some people are still using tapes for backup purposes. Let’s just say there is a plethora of better ways. Tape technologies are old and proprietary. 456 more words

System Center

For cloud players, hot patching may be hotter than live migration

Late last year, the world got a good look at the challenges and pain associated with kernel maintenance required by cloud providers. A security vulnerability in the Xen hypervisor required immediate and unprecedented infrastructure updates and the following “great cloud reboot” impacted a huge swath of cloud providers — including portions of both… 734 more words

Rackspace to users: It's time to move to next-gen cloud

You know how hard it is to let go of things. That ancient high school sweatshirt, the Netware server in the closet … But at some point you have to say goodbye. 196 more words

Introducing "VagrantSpice" - Standardize Machine Deployments across Clouds

As we evolve the EMC {code} group, we’re constantly asking ourselves who our audience/customer is, and how we can help them. Our charter is to engage and enable “developers”, but as we talk to more communities that focus on software, we’re finding that the definition of a “developer” is significantly expanding from where it used to be just a few years ago. 547 more words


Predicciones del Cloud Computing para el 2015

Leyendo el blog de Rackspace encontre este articulo que me ha gustado mucho, estaba en ingles asi que lo he traducido para su mejor comprencion. Si, debe quedar claro que no lo he escrito yo, simplemente lo he traducido y he decido compartirlo contigo. 1,556 more words