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Palliative (and non-palliative) radiation therapy in late-stage prostate cancer today

The role of radiation therapy in the management of men with advanced (i.e., metastatic and castration-resistant) forms of prostate cancer has been evolving over the past 5 years or so. 392 more words


Radiation Diatribe Part 2

Hey, not to be a total downer or anything, but I thought I would add some scientific data to my last post on radiation.

First of all, millisievert (mSv) is the name of the scientific unit of measurement for a radiation dose. 204 more words

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Fukushima Disaster: Tokyo Hides Truth As Children Die, Become Ill From Radiation

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Published on Apr 21, 2014

The tragedy of the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster took place almost three years ago. Since then, radiation has forced thousands out of their homes and led to the deaths of many. 276 more words

Earth Watch Report


In the human body THREE types of heat generating processes are operative.

1            Conversion of food matter into useful energy is a continuous heat generating process. 383 more words

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Mars Astronauts could be allowed more radiation: oh well, they won't be coming back anyway

I think that it’s a terrific idea to weaken the radiation standards for people going to Mars. The beauty of this is that the middle-aged white men who plan this know that… 273 more words


Non ionising radiation is also a cause for health concern

92% Sure: Non-ionizing Cell Phone Radiation Cancer Potential Found in 76 of 80 Studies Peer Reviewed Scientists find cell phone radiation exposure creates cellular imbalances known to cause cancer in 92% of peer reviewed studies on ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). 206 more words