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Papaya Leaf Tea: Oral Enzyme Therapy

Oral Enzyme Therapy combines various proteases (protein dissolving enzymes) in order to prevent disease, assist the body to fight various cancers, and lessen the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation. 431 more words

Enzyme Cancer

Secret keeping

I haven’t been completely honest with you. Oh, the posts have been all true, I’m not hiding anything there. I have however lied through omission. This week’s loss was a little more of a hit than I had let on, as there was a little more hope, more need clinging to that pregnancy than I had perhaps shared. 353 more words

Just Me

Flash! Friday--Vol 2 - 47

WELCOME to Flash! Friday! If this is your first visit, let me warn you: you’re in for one crazy ride. Thank you so much for spending some of your precious time & words here. 400 more words

Flash Fiction

Long-haul flights expose you to twice the radiation of an X-ray

The Tweet: “One flight from New York to London gives travelers about the same level of radiation as a chest X-ray.”

We are all exposed to solar and cosmic radiation that penetrates our atmosphere. 433 more words

The Untweetable Truth

One more reason to cut out the cigarettes

Surgeons already don’t like to operate on smokers. They don’t do as well during and after surgery as non-smokers, not least because smokers can have problems with anesthesia. 242 more words