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Women as a Class

Women are marginalised under patriarchy, and they are marginalised because they are female. Trans women are marginalised under patriarchy, either because they are read as female and so subject to the same class conditions as non-trans women, or because they are read as male and penalised for failing to behave in what is considered to be an appropriately masculine fashion.

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Of interest to radfems: Audley Harrison accused of offensive language for not wanting to share a bath with "Kellie"

18:18 Boxer Audley Harrison has noticed that Frank “Kellie” Maloney is still a man, and mentions that he feels uncomfortable with the thought of sharing a bath with him. 754 more words

Radical Feminism

QotD: "we need words that describe the position accorded to groups in the social hierarchy based on politically pertinent traits held in common"

There’s an interesting passage on the use of labels to define political classes in trans activist Julia Serano’s book Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive – interesting, because while Serano rejects any definition of “woman” that she considers “essentialist” (i.e.

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Quote Of The Day

"Poor children are seen as worthless, as Rotherham's abuse scandal shows"

Have you ever tried to explain to a 14-year-old girl that she does not have to have sex with all her boyfriend’s friends to show that she loves him?

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"We shouldn’t turn a blind eye to race over the Rotherham abuse scandal"

I read the Jay report into child exploitation in Rotherham from cover to cover. As I did, I remembered my own experience as a Channel 4 News reporter in Bradford after the 2001 Manningham riots.

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Quote Of The Day

QotD: "that angry feminist stereotype is 100% accurate"

that angry feminist stereotype is 100% accurate. we have every right to be angry. tbh, if you call yourself a feminist and YOURE NOT angry, you probably need to do some more research into why feminism exists in the first place


Quote Of The Day

Quotation Corner #5—Firestone on men’s expectation that women smile for them

Because the class oppression of women and children is couched in the phraseology of ‘cute’ it is much harder to fight than open oppression. What child can answer back when some inane aunt falls all over him or some stranger decides to pat his behind and gurgle baby talk?

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Radical Feminism