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Northern Ireland Assembly votes to make paying for sex a crime

The Northern Ireland Assembly has voted by 81 to 10 in favour of making it a crime to pay for sex.

MLAs spent several hours on Monday debating the measures, which formed part of a private member’s bill on human trafficking and exploitation.

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QotD: "you are a garbage person, your politics are absolutely worthless"

I’m not going to reblog the post because I don’t want to contribute to hijacking what was meant to be a moment of solidarity for a victim but jesus christ if your politics cause you to believe it’s important to put “friendly reminders that radfems are evil!” on posts about…

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Brokeback radfem: sometimes the metaphors write themselves

Did you know that a teenager can break her back, but not know it until after her 40th birthday when a neurosurgeon spots the break on an MRI? 714 more words

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Are Meaningful Sexual Choices For Everybody, Or Just The Privileged Few?

This flyer was written for ‘afem2014′

One of the workshops today will challenge so-called ‘sex positive’ thinking, the idea that all sex that isn’t obviously coerced is good, that ‘sexual liberation’ can only mean saying yes to any and all sexual activity. 1,070 more words


The Australian Sex Party, Reactionary Trotskyists, and Bullying Women Out of the Left: The Real 'Third Wave'

What do these three things have in common?

Anyone who is a radical feminist and has ever been to Melbourne would be able to tell you. 1,214 more words

Obligatory Introductory Radscum Post

Hi, and welcome to my new blog. It has been some time since I’ve splattered my opinions all over the Internet for the benefit (or in spite) of strangers, but here I am, bravely charging back into the land of anger, anonymity, and never ending slagging-off that is the blogosphere. 664 more words

What is We Hunted the Mammoth?

To me, it seems like an arrogant blog made for one purpose and one purpose only, to attack MRA and anything that feminists don’t like. This blog has no substance, none, none at all. 323 more words