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The transactional model of sex: a personal story and discussion

The transactional model of sex is the idea that women “give” sex to men in exchange for men giving things to women. In transactional sex, the woman isn’t having sex for the pleasure of it, she’s agreeing to it because she wants whatever it is the man is giving her (money, gifts, dinner, housework, etc). 1,815 more words

Radical Feminism

QotD: My favorite thing about New Atheists ...

My favorite thing about New Atheists who latch onto evolutionary psychology while acting superior to religious people is that apparently being hard-wired to seek larger meaning in the universe that often manifests as belief in a higher power is just something you have to get over to be a superior human being, but being hard-wired to want to fuck teenagers because reasons is Just The Way Things Are.

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QotD on privilege

if your privilege/oppression framework is defined solely according to “these people get a kind of flak these people don’t get” and not “these people are actually materially exploited by these people” then you get all kinds of bullshit like vanilla privilege or, idk, non-goth privilege.

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Women as a Class

Women are marginalised under patriarchy, and they are marginalised because they are female. Trans women are marginalised under patriarchy, either because they are read as female and so subject to the same class conditions as non-trans women, or because they are read as male and penalised for failing to behave in what is considered to be an appropriately masculine fashion.

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Of interest to radfems: Audley Harrison accused of offensive language for not wanting to share a bath with "Kellie"

18:18 Boxer Audley Harrison has noticed that Frank “Kellie” Maloney is still a man, and mentions that he feels uncomfortable with the thought of sharing a bath with him. 753 more words

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QotD: "we need words that describe the position accorded to groups in the social hierarchy based on politically pertinent traits held in common"

There’s an interesting passage on the use of labels to define political classes in trans activist Julia Serano’s book Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive – interesting, because while Serano rejects any definition of “woman” that she considers “essentialist” (i.e.

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"Poor children are seen as worthless, as Rotherham's abuse scandal shows"

Have you ever tried to explain to a 14-year-old girl that she does not have to have sex with all her boyfriend’s friends to show that she loves him?

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