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Terf Terf Terf Terf Terf!!!

The word TERF, is not a slur, despite what TERF’s would have you believe.  It is a statment of fact or a description of a person or persons who exclude Trans people.  301 more words

Personal Sexual Liberation

I’m learning how to have sex as an empowered woman and it is disturbing how difficult it is. There are so many insidious ways to be objectified and straight-up used. 578 more words

Radical Feminism

The claim that false rape allegations are common is a lie.

Rape: speak up, you lose, don’t speak up, you lose.

There is a commonly held belief amongst anti-feminists that false rape allegations are very common, and that a man being falsely accused of rape goes through as much suffering as a woman who was raped. 1,005 more words

Radical Feminism

QotD on Community Accountability

Some activists are interested in Community Accountability processes primarily as a rejection of the criminal legal system. “Not calling the cops” becomes a litmus test for radical realness.

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Within the Patriarchal Toolbox


“In the heyday of the Women’s and Gay Liberation Movements, the view was widely held that sexuality was socially constructed, and indeed relatively plastic: lesbianism, in particular, was presented by some feminists as a political choice.

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