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Feminism versus MRA

Another post in my feminism-series.
As you know, I don’t condone Feminism as an ideology or a movement.
I cite Wikipedia: Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women. 1,214 more words


Why feminism needs trans people and sex workers

Originally published in the New Statesman, 24th November 2014

There are several stories circulating about what happened at this year’s London Reclaim the Night march. 903 more words

Why I'm here

The word “Feminism” evokes different meanings in all people. Some people believe it means “Women’s rights”, and others believe it means “Man Hater”. It is also seen as “Equal rights” or “Irrelevant Political Movement”, or “Female Empowerment” or “Tumblr Feminazis”. 324 more words


I'll wear what I want and everyone should too

I’ve always felt a bit offbeat so I’ve liked to express that in my wardrobe. I’ve always liked mixing different styles, bright colors, and vintage items. 724 more words

Why is there no counter-argument from the pro-PIV side?

There have been a number of entries written against PIV sex, including two of mine (here and here). Here are some others:

femonade’s series on intercourse… 1,223 more words

Radical Feminism

My Exasperation With Irish Times Editors.

Below the line is a comment I just submitted to an Irish Times article written by Kathy Sheridan.


On the Irish Times comments section, It was split into two parts as there is a character limit for each comment submitted. 513 more words


The Psychiatric Ghetto

This blog is mostly to showcase my art, my drawings and photographs,  I’m a visual and kinesthetic thinker and I’d like to develop that more. But this morning as I was clearing away the debris on my desk  I came across a stack of notes that I had written back in 2012,  soon after I won the lawsuit against drugmaker, Astra-Zeneca.  701 more words