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WHO: What do we mean by "sex" and "gender"?

I want to have a screen grab of this on record, in case the WHO ever cave in to the trans/genderist dogma that insists on collapsing into one two distinct concepts. 445 more words

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FETAs= Female Erasing Trans Activists

You know how some trans activists are calling gender critical feminists TERFs (as in trans erasing radical feminists)? And you know how they are trying to erase female reality? 74 more words


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Persia, Russia and Jamaica. And yourself?

The repetitiveness and relentlessness of patriarchal destruction calls for Radfems to put the State of Atrocity to the back of our minds from time to time. 2,638 more words

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QotD: "Internalised liberation — the creation of an inner safe space — is neither frivolous nor self-indulgent"

An internalised liberation – the creation of an inner safe space – is neither frivolous nor self-indulgent. Women have a right to their own inner lives, their own words, their own ways of reading their physical reality and their own interpretations of whatever abuses they suffer.

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The Jacobin trying to "prove" that prostitution is "sex work."

One of the fundamental premises of sex-positivity is that prostitution should be called “sex work.” In doing so, they hope to normalize prostitution as just another kind of work, and thus proving that abolitionists are misguided. 2,162 more words

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Gender critical trans women. Yes, they exist.

This is an introduction to three gender critical trans women. If you’re involved in Internet Feminism, then you already know why this is significant—trans women are supposedly oppressed by the gender critical feminists, so they can’t possibly be gender critical themselves! 2,087 more words

Radical Feminism

Militant Feminism Commandments...

1. 99.9999% of men are evil.

2. Always try to rationalize hoe ass shit.

3. Never call out women who blatantly want to be objectified. 276 more words