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My research project

‹Intersections in radical innovation› My research explores the concept of Visionary Projects – design+technology experimental approaches to the future- and their contribution to Innovation Strategy. My research interests lie at the intersection of design, … 199 more words
Marta Morillo

An invitation into liminal space - experiential exploration on the flying trapeze

6Heads invite you to join us for our second year of experiential exploration of liminal space on the flying trapeze

We will examine the rationality of our individual and organisational fear when it comes to embracing the unknown. 732 more words

Systems Change


Oftentimes I hear people talking about networking. Networking events are now very common, and it is easy to find articles and even courses that discuss how networking is the key for your professional career. 598 more words


Innovators' Grit: The Often Long Story to Radical Innovation

The Often Long Journey to Radical Innovation

 With Concepts Drawn from our Upcoming Book:

Innovator’s Grit: Pixar’s Perilous Innovation Journey


 Jay Rao and Jim Watkinson… 2,333 more words

Do Patents Encourage or Discourage Innovation?

There is any conclusive answer, but tendencies. Those tendencies relates with: (i) The patent´s quality; (ii) Type of innovation; (iii) State of development of a country; and (iv) Size of the enterprise… 713 more words