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Innovators' Grit: The Often Long Story to Radical Innovation

The Often Long Journey to Radical Innovation

 With Concepts Drawn from our Upcoming Book:

Innovator’s Grit: Pixar’s Perilous Innovation Journey


 Jay Rao and Jim Watkinson… 2,333 more words

Do Patents Encourage or Discourage Innovation?

There is any conclusive answer, but tendencies. Those tendencies relates with: (i) The patent´s quality; (ii) Type of innovation; (iii) State of development of a country; and (iv) Size of the enterprise… 713 more words

Can Money Buy Innovation?

(This post originally appeared on Innovation Excellence)

Even in our money-driven society, the power of money has limits: there are certain things money can’t buy. 666 more words

On Cash and Praise: How We Reward Innovation

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A good friend of mine works for a high-tech company in Massachusetts. Recently, the company’s new CEO, an avid fitness buff, has introduced an initiative: every employee who’d spend certain number of hours per week in the company’s gym becomes eligible to a cash bonus. 521 more words