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What ISIS Intends For Women And Christians

By Andrew Bolt ~

Australian jihadists are actually fighting for and supporting these bloody Neanderthals:

The United Nations, expressing deep concern, said on Thursday that…

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An Iranian In Exile Takes On A British MP

By Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman ~

Ever since the Iranian monarchy fell to a radical Islamic revolution, I have chafed over the nonsense that has passed for history. 689 more words

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ISIS Issues Orders in Mosul: Give Over Girls for 'Sex Jihad'

Posters in public places told residents to bring their girls to ‘fulfill their duty in sex jihad’ or feel the full force of the sharia consequences. 454 more words

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Our Very Own “Nation Of Islam”

By Edward Cline ~

Before 9/11 – 2001, that is, how many years have passed, and there is still no “closure”! – Islamists were of no concern to Americans. 1,853 more words

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I’m sick of being labeled an Islamophobe for stating the truth

A week ago Barack Hussein Obama stated that the “world is less violent” during a Tumblr interview session – as his acolytes lapped it up. Is he really that clueless? 425 more words


Obama's Views On Muslim Terrorism Fly In The Face Of Reality: Report

By Jim Kouri, CPP. ~

Despite President Barack Obama and his minions claiming the strength of the world’s radical Islamist network is waning and the threat to the United States minimal, a study released on Wednesday by a well-respected and highly-regarded think-tank contradicts what many call Obama’s myopic view of the terrorist threat to the United States, the American people, and U.S. 608 more words

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