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DHS Says Your Child Is A Terrorist Wants to Keep An Eye On Them

According to Lisa Monaco, Homeland Security advisor, a child who exhibits unusual behaviour is a potential terrorist.


“What kinds of behaviors are we talking about?” she asked. 317 more words

VICE News. “Syria: Al-Qaeda’s New Home.”

VICE News. “Syria: Al-Qaeda’s New Home.” January 22, 2014. https://news.vice.com/video/syria-al-qaeda-39-s-new-home.

This video recorded events in early-2014 Syria, and chronicles changing identities in the Levant from peaceful protests to militants in Osama Bin Laden’s Brigade. 222 more words

Terrorism 2.0 and its Implications for Counterterrorism Policy

This Article is written by Michael Krause. Michael studies Counter-terrorism at American University in Washington DC.

Abortion clinic violence is terrorism. No matter where you come down on the issue, any violent act meant to coerce a political body (Planned Parenthood, the US Government, etc) into making policy changes (ending abortions) through fear is an act of terrorism. 715 more words


AAN: 'What to watch' series

Excellent series of articles available on AAN’s website here , see in particular #4 on counting, complaints and the result. Those looking for a swift resolution to the elections on Saturday will be disappointed, as even the IEC’s scheduled date of 24 April for preliminary results is optimistic, says Martine Van Bijlert. 22 more words

CSIS tracking 80 Canadians who came home after going abroad for ‘terrorist purposes’

CSIS doing its job:

But the speaking notes provided to the CSIS director acknowledge that the intelligence community faces challenges identifying and tracking the movements of such individuals, and bringing charges against them.

117 more words

Younger, Educated and Affluent – The UK's Terror Sympathizers

by IPT News:

A British research study of Muslim radicalization is challenging some key conventional wisdom. It identifies “youth, wealth, and being in full-time education” as potential risk factors… 349 more words

Counter Jihad Report

The Curious Case of Abdul Waheed Majeed

A British citizen involved in a suicide bombing in Syria as the radicalizing conflict becomes internationalized.

Casciani, Dominic. “The Man from Maryrs Avenue Who Became a Suicide Bomber in Syria.” … 77 more words