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Kenny: Ten signs that someone is becoming radicalized

If there were any doubts among Canadians that this country has a problem with domestic radicalization, the events of this past year most surely brought them to a decisive end. 662 more words


RCMP on the right path with program to prevent radicalization: Carleton prof

A Carleton University professor says the RCMP’s new program to prevent violent radicalization in Canada has “a lot of potential” to be effective — partly because of support that already exists in the community. 365 more words


RCMP poised to roll out program to prevent radicalization (with video)

The RCMP will roll out its Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) this winter in a bid to help prevent those at risk from becoming radicalized. Here’s a look: 763 more words


The Threat from Self-Radicalization in Indonesia

On Monday (Dec. 15) Australians were shocked by a hostage-taking situation that took place at a cafe in Sydney, Australia. The hostage taker was identified as Man Haron Monis, a supposedly troubled, self-radicalized person with a deep history of violence. 33 more words


A Death in Woolwich: The Lone-Actor Terrorist Threat in the UK

With apologies for the silence, it has been a very busy and hectic time in a number of different directions. Things ramping up in many different ways for the end of the year, so am only now getting around to posting my latest journal article for my institutional home’s in-house publication the… 334 more words


Al-Shabaab Supporters Release Sixth Edition of Jihadist Magazine "Gaidi Mtaani"

Al-Shabaab supporters recently issued the fifth and now the sixth edition of pro-Shabaab magazine Gaidi Mtaani (“Terrorism Street”), covering a range of issues. [PDF in full… 656 more words


How are radicals created?

Extreme beliefs can easily lead to conflicts between groups. But how do such beliefs arise? Are certain people simply bound to be extremists? Or can significant pockets of extremism arise out of social interactions among moderate individuals? 916 more words

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