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Guest column: Deradicalization, or disengagement from violence?

Faisal Kutty

Speaking at a National Security Conference last week at the Vaparaiso University Law School in Indiana, Thomas Durkin and David Nevin, two lawyers acting for Guantanamo detainees, said that until we understand the motivation of those who use violence, we will not be able to curb the recruitment. 866 more words


Surveillance, Fear, and the State

My new op-ed (“Canada’s Islamophobia Problem”), published by Canada’s crowd-funded, independent outlet, Ricochet, takes issue with the Harper administration’s security rhetoric and proposed legislation after the Ottawa Shooting in October. 441 more words


Government rethinking counter-terrorism plan, Senate learns

A rethink of the fledgling federal counter-terrorism strategy is underway in the face of rapidly evolving Islamic extremism and radicalization, federal officials said Monday.

“We’re obviously at a point of reflection right now, so we’re looking at a wide variety of things that we might want to consider,” Gary Robertson, an assistant deputy minister for Public Safety, told the Senate’s national security and defence committee. 627 more words


Muslim cleric offering checklist to help converts avoid radicalization

CALGARY – A prominent Muslim cleric wants to distribute a checklist to help steer new and potential converts to Islam away from the path to extremism. 458 more words


UK spy chief says Web is command centre for terror

WATCH: ISIS members communicate openly on social media, spreading propaganda and reaching out to potential recruits. But, the new head of Britain’s electronic eavesdropping agency says spy agencies need greater support from social media companies so they can monitor the extremist group. 304 more words


Pressure intensifies for Quebec to table secularism bill

QUEBEC CITY — The man whose 2007 “code of conduct” kickstarted Quebec’s reasonable accommodation debate is now asking that Canada temporarily shut down all mosques. 386 more words