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How America's occupation of Iraq and imprisonment of thousands helped create ISIS

Two officials served in different capacities during the American occupation of Iraq  have provided a painful story of how American occupation and imprisonment policies radicalized a large number of people in Iraq. 52 more words

The ‘extremism asbo’: Time for clarity

Originally Published by Progress: 30 September 2014. Original linked here.

In today’s speech by home secretary Theresa May at the Conservative party conference, audiences were left with the overall sense that extremism, in its broadest sense, would be directly confronted by the Conservative government’s manifesto. 707 more words

Radicalization as an infection

There are many ways to think about radicalization, but there’s one that fits the data fairly well, and has actionable consequences, but is being almost entirely ignored — modelling radicalization as an infection. 374 more words

U.S. and EU Focus on Evolving Foreign Fighter Threat

On Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council, in a rare heads-of-government session led by President Obama, adopted a binding resolution calling on all member countries to strengthen their domestic laws and other efforts to prevent the travel of foreign terrorist fighters. 328 more words

Transatlantic Relations

Misery in the Middle East

CATO provides an informal survey of misery in the Middle East:


The suggestion being that economic prospects will continue to shape the security landscape of the region. 263 more words


Radicalization and ISIS: What's the threat to Canada?

Above:  Vice president of intelligence at Stratfor Fred Burton says he believes the threat of ISIS will be contained to the Middle East, while individual sympathizers could threaten at home. 886 more words


Transcript: Season 4, Episode 1


Episode 1, Season 4

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Host: Vassy Kapelos in for Tom Clark

Guest Interviews: Fred Burton, Rick Hanson, Chris Boudreau, Mahdi Kaskas, Michael Zocoolon, Chantal Hébert… 4,012 more words